Ultimate Chair Test Routine

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Magic download (ebook) by Luca Volpe ($45.00)

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Ultimate Chair Test Routine - magic

This ebook contains Luca Volpe's best stage routine: an eight-minute act with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions.

The ultimate chair test routine act includes a series of high-impact mentalism effects, such as a serial number revelation (cleverly connected with a combination lock routine), a four chair test, finishing with a prediction of what clothes the a randomly selected participant is wearing.

This is a solid stage mentalism routine that has received many, many rave reviews.

This is a GREAT routine! I love it... So many hits and no back tracking for the spectators to follow. It is amazing thinking on your part, and you should feel proud with your baby! I wished that I was able to have seen you performed this before I knew how you did it. You would have fooled me! This is different from other chair routines and that it is in a class all by itself. You have a winner here. Ray Noble
Very clever routine with some strong ideas. Chuck Hickok

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  • Guy asks: Is the chair test routine fool proof? I’m not good at persuading anybody but need to follow the steps. I can obey instructions :)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, the routine works as long as you follow the instructions and script. There is no true persuading involved :)
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Just purchased and read the routine. AMAZING routine! I have been performing a similiar multiple climaxes routine for years. The BOLD MOVE alone is worth 10 times the price of the manuscript. I did never think of that and I am glad I learned this subterfuge now. Priceless! Form the viewpoint of a professional, I must say this is really a worker's routine and a dream effect. What appeals to me is the flexibility of the routine, means you can adjust all the various effects to your needs and style. Make it bigger or smaller as you want.I am very happy with this product. Thank you Luca Volpa for this very very good piece and Vanishing Inc Magic for making it available for us!

Alexander de Cova



I used to close my show for a while. It was a jaw dropper than got me standing ovation. There are some aspects of it that are tricky to pull off as a 1 man show that sometimes took away from the awe of it. But i Think this is absolutely worth the money and the work. Great closer for a stage show.