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ZOOMentalism - magic

Mark Elsdon has modified the strongest effects from his highly-acclaimed Conversation as Mentalism series to be performed during virtual magic shows on Zoom or any other streaming service.

“ZOOMentalism is absolutely f------ brilliant! The Lotto trick alone is worth many times the price of the whole thing" Alexander De Cova

While the title may contain the word 'Mentalism', it's important to point out that that the 16 professional-quality routines included in this e-book are suited for any performer from magicians to mentalists and even motivational speakers and trainers. They are powerful enough for any professional Zoom magic show, while also being practical and direct enough to perform casually in a video call with friends and family.

The best part about the material in this e-book is that every effect has been carefully structured for maximum audience participation. No more awkward moments where one person watches a magic trick and everyone else checks their phone or tunes out. Most of the effects have multiple, or even all, the audience members involved.

In addition to the innovative routines included in ZOOMentalism, there is also a complete chapter from Zoom Magic Show Pioneer Gideon Livnah on the essentials for conducting a successful online magic show and providing maximum entertainment and connection.

You'll also receive a list of recommended reading for other resources filled with mind-blowing magic and mentalism that can be inserted into your zoom magic show, including some "hidden gems" that you won't see many other magicians performing.

Customer reviews:

"I purchased this on a whim after seeing it advertised on Magicweek. Like most of us I’ve bought some rubbish, but this is absolutely fantastic. I often think if I get one good item out of something like this then I’m doing well. To be honest I will be using most of these beauties. Should you decide to lecture this via Zoom then please let me know. Once again many thanks for putting this together."Lee Carnley

"This e-book is just fantastic and top value for money. The day I received it, I had a Zoom show the same evening. I was immediately captivated by “Dream On” and I thought I could implement it easily in the evening’s show. Which I did ! The routine was a great success, 100% safe and a real pleasure to perform online. Lots of spectators told me it was one of their favorites. The rest of the book is packed with great routines that will perfectly work online, together with wise recommendations on how to adapt to this new medium and a very, very useful bibliography full of accurate references for learning and researching on “distance mentalism”.Louis Loriot


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  • Les asks: How would you rate the difficult of the majority of the material? I'm not a beginner but certainly not at the professional lever either. Close-up and mentalism are my forte but at a moderate level of difficulty. Respectfully Les LeViness

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I would say these are intermediate level effects so you should be able to do them comfortably.
  • Jason asks: What is the title of the Lotto trick referred to in the review?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The effect is called "Dream On"
  • Tony asks: Are there a lot of card effects in this document?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Of the sixteen items taught, only one is a card trick.
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Customer reviews for ZOOMentalism



This pdf contains everything from bar bet curiousities to mind blowing impossibilities. As with all good mentalism, presentation skills are key. More importantly, the texts hide a lot of more general wisdom and advice, that are very inspiring for the creative performer.



As a beginning mentalist still in his first year of mental conjuring, I have fallen in love with obsessively reading magic books.

I never got an eBook, as just the idea sorta gives me bad vibes -- but this holds spectacular ideas that are easily malleable to come up with your own plots and structures.

Right out the gate I was able to mix and match different principles I've collected in the last year for my own little personal touches.

I still have to read it all, but with how happy I am with the first 5 effects and opening of the book -- I'm printing this off and buying its own binder.

I will be ecstatically looking into Conversational Mentalism after this fantastic read.



I rate this book "pretty good" because it has some good advice on performing. The routines vary in quality from low bar bets on up. And in some cases he refers to sleights, but doesn't explain them. At the end he provides a list of recommended reading. This of course means another opportunity to buy more magic.



Was expecting at least one or two great routines. The material presented here is fine for minor effects or time killers. It is not bad but I honestly do not think I will perform a single item from this in my online streaming shows. If you are totally new to this type of magic, you will find some useful material but if you are a worker, priced at $25 does not make this a good investment for me.

ZOOMentalism by Mark Elsdon