Babel Book Test (3 Books)

Trick by Vincent Hedan
$300.00 Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Babel Book Test (3 Books)

300.00 usd

Trick by Vincent Hedan ($300.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Babel Book Test (3 Books) - magic

Years in the making, Babel is packed full with features allowing you to present miraculous book test effects. Each of the special books in Babel has been carefully designed with one simple goal: to create super direct, super strong mentalism.

You don't touch anything, you don't even look, and yet you can read the spectator's mind and reveal his thoughts in an impossible way.

Multiple divinations, prediction, memory feats: all of these, and more, are described in the detailed manual, along with Vincent Hedan's tips and ideas to perform these impressive effects.

Comes complete with 50 page ebook instruction manual and 3 special books.

"Babel book test by Vincent Hedan is another in a long line of amazing magic effects from one of my all time favourite performers of miracles."
Shawn Farquhar
"TheBabel book test has all the right moves. It's easy to do. It's awesome. You will use it."
Dan Garrett
"The most versatile book test I've seen. I'm awestruck at the power of Babel.
Raj Madhok -
"Vincent 'Rainman' Hedan has some powerful magic the world should see and know about."
Obie O'Brien
"After The Mother of All Book Tests, here is the Father and all the family in one devilish book! Babel will allow you to perform one of the cleanest book tests ever. Vincent has worked many years on this project and the result speaks for itself. All the details have been carefully thought of, so you can multiply the revelations every time in a more impossible way. It is top-class mentalism that will blow your audience away."
Boris Wild

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  • Sidney asks: Is that possible to adapt the method on books in other languages?

    • 1. Dottore answers: It is conceivable, but you would have to make up the books.
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Multi-principle, multi-effect, ingeniously crafted book test set. Condensed mentalism genius. Beautiful. Modern. Practical. Hard-hitting. Perfection in every detail. Buy one for performing - and one more for collecting.



Really wonderful! Wroth the price X10! I've been doing Babel in every show and it's killing!