Trick by Nikolas Mavresis
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Trick by Nikolas Mavresis ($34.95)

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CineMental - magic
CineMental CineMental CineMental CineMental CineMental CineMental

"I thought I knew what was going on... then that second phase, phenomenal!"

  • Tom Elderfield

"Simple, strong, powerful!"

  • Fraser Parker

Nikolas Mavresis' Cinemental is a blockbuster two-phase mentalism routine that will leave your spectators begging for a sequel.

The first phase gives you the power to reveal any movie your spectator has selected under test conditions. They select a movie, they shuffle it back in, and without ever needing to look at the cards, you know exactly the movie they are thinking of. No marks, no peeks, you can even perform this blindfolded.

But it gets even better! In the second phase, you make an open prediction and the spectator deals cards face up, freely stopping at any point they want. Without any switching of any kind, the card they've stopped at ALWAYS matches your prediction. No multiple outs, and there are is only one prediction ever in play. Once you know the secret, you'll smile to yourself at how clever the method truly is.

"I was involved in the visual design of the Cinemental deck, but had nothing to do with the actual effect. The way the Cinemental deck works is a great combination of different methods that allows a killer one -two punch that will fry spectators."

  • Phil Smith
  • Unique movie artwork of well-known classic films designed by Phil Smith
  • Quality cards printed by USPCC
  • A super easy-to-do method - it's almost self-working!
  • Two and three phase versions included in the instructions
  • No fishing, no multiple outs, no progressive anagrams of any kind
  • No markings, no Svengali, no rough and smooth
  • No peaking at any point
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Prediction effect that utilizes a unique method that has fried even the most seasoned magicians and mentalists.
  • Perfect for close-up, parlor, strolling or street magic.
  • Cinemental packages the familiar hook of classic movies, the unique art designs of Phil Smith, and the craftiness of Nikolas Mavresis into a blockbuster experience that your spectators won't soon forget.

Cinemental, now playing in a magic shop near you.

"The first time I saw this I was fooled pretty badly. As a magician it's really easy to think there is more going on. The genius of this method is its simplicity. It puts you so far ahead that it feels almost self-working and lets you really focus on performance and presentation. A modern day classic."

  • Jason Knowles

"Cinemental is a brilliant two-punch Mentalism piece that fooled the #%@#$ out of me. I simply had no clue as to the method, and when you see the method you will laugh out loud and hit yourself. It's genius!"

  • John Carey

Community questions about CineMental

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  • 1.

    Steven asks: Not so much of a question but well done on the trailer with the Ant-Man vibes!

    • 1. Tony answers: agreed! another cool trailer from Murphys
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  • 2.

    Charles asks: So, on a scale of 1-10, with 1= rank beginner and 10= Shin Lim, what level of ability & experience does it take to perform this illusion.

    • 1. Tony answers: It's 4/10 I think, it's easy to do and you can do it right after knowing the secret
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  • 3.

    Simon asks: Is this ..Prediction effect that utilizes a unique method that has fried even the most seasoned magicians and mentalists.... the same method like shin lim's "Think"?

    • 1. Tony answers: It much more clever I think. You don't need to eliminate any card before the count
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  • 4.

    Simon asks: Does the magician need to do some memory work like mnemonica just with movies?

    • 1. Tony answers: There is some memory work here
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  • 5.

    Neal asks: I have bought a couple of tricks that were advertised as self-working but ended up requiring a "simple" force that wasn't so simple for a beginner. Will I be disappointed here as well if I buy this?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hard to say, but we do offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you don't like it - for any reason - just send it back to us in good condition and we'll give you a full refund. Hope that helps give you some peace of mind.
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  • 6.

    Trevor asks: Will I only be able to use the included deck, or can I use the method(s) with other decks?

    • 1. Alex answers: The method is very clever. I think you can only use the provided deck to achieve the second phase.
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A method I’ve never seen before! This fooled the pants off me! I watched the instructions to this and I smiled... (Joker Smile) I cant wait to get my hands on this! 10/10

CineMental by Nikolas Mavresis