Conviction Prediction

Trick by Michael Rubinstein
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Conviction Prediction

44.95 usd

Trick by Michael Rubinstein (44.95)

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Conviction Prediction - magic
Conviction Prediction Conviction Prediction

A stunning prediction that packs small and plays huge.

Dr. Michael Rubinstein's "Conviction Prediction" is an easy-to-do routine that leaves a lasting impression. You'll love bringing this one with you everywhere.

"A brilliant prediction effect, that you never see coming. Five stars." Marc Salem

Three different color poker chips are freely chosen by three different people. Four-coin envelopes are then introduced, containing coins from your collection. Each person freely chooses an envelope, leaving one unchosen.

These really are free choices. Throughout the routine, your participants may even choose to switch around the chips and envelopes. After opening the envelopes to show the chosen coins, you now reveal the big surprise ending. Each chip has a prediction printed on the opposite side that matches the chosen coin!

"Conviction Prediction" by Michael Rubinstein doesn't use any gimmicks. So you end completely clean and everything is examinable. Just one simple and sneaky invisible move is needed to perform this mentalism miracle.

Comes with three special poker chips, three different coins, envelopes, a plastic carrying wallet, and access to a comprehensive online video tutorial (please note: the half dollars are not included).


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  • Keith asks: Is it pretty much self-working? Does the apparatus do all of the work for you, or most of it? Any sleights required?

    • 1. michael answers: Hi Keith. There is nothing that is gimmicked in this routine, and there is only one basic sleight needed that is very easy. You will need to provide your own half dollars, and there is something optional you can make in 5 minutes using tape and some playing cards (and explained in the tutorial) that will make the routine even easier. There are eight coin envelopes provided (only four are used in a performance), but the envelopes can be used multiple times and they are easy to replenish if you need to get more. Hope that answers your questions, Mike
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