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Down The Rabbit Hole

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Book ($62.00)

Possibly discontinued.
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Down The Rabbit Hole - magic


A revolutionary new propless mentalism effect that allows you to divine a word under impossible conditions.

Prior to the release of "The Mother of All Book Tests", the idea of plucking a lengthy word from a spectator's brain seemed like a pipe dream. However, that clever concept revolutionized mentalism forever.

Now, imagine being able to perform a "Mother of All Book Tests" style routine without needing any book. Your spectator simply thinks of a long and interesting word, and then you divine it in less than 60 seconds.

NO writing anything down
NO choosing from a list

They simple create a word in their mind and you're able to tell them what it is without any suspicious fishing. There are no intense mental gymnastics for the participant. In fact, Down the Rabbit Hole can even be done over the phone or in a virtual magic show on Zoom or Skype.

This special linguistic system was developed by Reese Goodley, one of mentalism's most innovative underground stars.

Each LIMITED EDITION booklet contains everything you need to know about this amazing propless system, as well as access to special video performances and bonus content featuring super helpful subtleties.

As a special bonus, world renowned Mentalist Peter Turner has also added his own mind-blowing routine, which features a failsafe take on this amazing effect.

Get yours now before they are sold out!


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I am primarily a close-up magician and only do a very few mentalism effects. This is an amazing trick. It is easy to perform. You can do it as part of a strolling magic show. It very importuned. Reese Goodley has a method for doing this trick a cross the phone. There is no special code to memorize. I think I will use this trick for the rest of my life.
I think I am one of the lucky magician to obtain this effect. Only 100 were published and I have one. It is worth the amount of money I paid for it.
John Xiong-Chapman