Down to One

Trick by Jon Allen
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Down to One

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Trick by Jon Allen (75.00)

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Down to One - magic
Down to One Down to One Down to One Down to One Down to One

A fun, engaging and practical routine that allows you to get the entire audience involved in your stage and parlor magic shows, cabaret shows, dinner shows, trade shows and even kids shows. "Down to One" by Jon Allen is a true worker that has been an underground sensation among some of the biggest professional magicians and mentalists in the world for years.

"As soon as I saw 'Down to One' I had to get it. It is simple, strong and an easy fit into almost any show. I hate Jon even more for coming up with this!" John Archer

From small gatherings to larger audiences, "Down to One" might just be the holy grail of audience participation. This easy-to-follow, powerful routine invites the entire audience to play a game. The whole audience stands and guesses the result of a coin toss. If you guess wrong, you sit down. This continues until you get down to just one person left.

You then reveal you knew exactly how this would play out. Your prediction not only describes the final person in detail, but also includes their winning guess.

You'll receive a specially-designed, two-color coin, Tyvek envelope and complete, full-color instruction booklet. An access link to video explanations and several other presentation ideas is also included.

"Down to One" by Jon Allen is a 6-8 minute standout piece that makes for a great opener, while also having the ability to slot anywhere in your show. It's guaranteed to get great reactions from any audience. And all you need is the few small included props. It's the true definition of packs flat, plays huge, and any magician or mentalist can benefit from adding this to their show.

"This is not just a great trick (and it is that) but a strong tool that should be in the repertoire of any magicians or mentalist." Jon Armstrong

"Jon has taken an impressive effect and expertly crafted it into a practical, clever, audience-engaging miracle! I highly recommend it to anyone not living in my city!" Richard Sanders

"Jon only puts out fantastic products. Down to One is an amazing audience participation part of every show I am doing now." Mark Shortland

"I'm thrilled to have added it to my show and I hate that you're selling it to others!" Bill Cook


Customer reviews for Down to One



What a great opening effect for a stage show. Gets everyone involved!



This product is almost a rip-off of Flip from Wes Iseli.
The author says that Flip inspired him and then changed and improved the method.
I believe the method from Wes Iseli is way better and costs almost four times less.
The red and black chip does not make the effect better in any way. And it definitely does not add value to this "package." The envelope and the idea of having a "better" ending do nothing to improve the impact.
I believe I wasted my money. If I had paid 15.-, I would be glad to know another way to use a coin toss to "lead" the outcome. But at 75.- dollars, my God, I wish I had stayed away from it.


Professional Review Down to One

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  • Jorge asks: Do you need to do pre show? Is this instant reset?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No pre-show is required in the traditional sense.
  • John asks: Is the audience able to see whether the coin has landed red or black or do they have to trust what the performer says about the outcome?

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    • Madiyar asks: Can this trick be translated into Russian?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes! It's possible to use any language.
    • Jeffrey S asks: This seems very similar to FLIP by Wes Iseli that fooled Penn & Teller. Is this the same effect except using a two-color sided disc instead of a coin?

      • 1. Todd Schall-Vessc/o Kimberly answers: It is NOT the same method.
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    • ARON asks: Is there any battery involved?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No batteries
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