Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards

Trick by Dead Rebel Magic
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Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards

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Trick by Dead Rebel Magic (44.95)

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Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards - magic
Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards

Dead Rebel Productions presents a stunning variation on standard ESP Cards that can be used to infuse a unique new touch into all of your favorite ESP and mentalism routines.

These cards were designed to be reminiscent of later ESP cards from J.B. Rhine and can be used in the same way. They're also marked and you'll receive two sets of five for a total of ten cards.

Each set of "Dr Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards" comes with a a beautiful, decorative calling card metal case that is housed inside a replica vintage Elkington and Co presentation box with silk effect lining.

Also included is a copy of Dr Nevins first ever journal entry dating from June 1887 detailing his findings connecting his electroshock therapy and psychic phenomena.

Video tutorial discussing the cards/premise and teaching a full matching routine is included.


Customer reviews for Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards


Restaurant Kümmel

Almost everything here is great. Beautiful packaging, amazing cards, great attention to detail and the system that makes the one ahead possible is very well hidden. As someone who owns a lot of ESP sets I can say that it works exactly the same but the looks make it feel like something completely different. I cannot stress enough how well made and beautiful the cards and the packaging are. I assume this will be the last set of ESP cards I ever buy (though I say that every time). The only small downside is that, even though the video explanation goes over how to achive a basic ESP one ahead routine, there could have been a bit more content there. But if you're familiar with ESP cards and use them already, there is nothing to be missed here.

TL;DR: Amazing set, get it.



A very well made and well thought out prop. Excellent attention to detail. I wish there was a little more in the way of instructions or recommended uses.


Community questions about Dr. Nevin's Psychic Testing Cards

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  • Vaughn asks: I seldom order anything from you because your videos often fail to provide enough info for me to make an informed decision. In the case of Dr. Nevin's cards I would like to see a complete uncut performance on video.

    • 1. Mitch answers: Most videos would give away the secret to magicians and negate a sale. Their descriptions are quite accurate and they do listen to feedback. Over all, I can count on Vanishing Inc. to deliver.
    • 2. Vincent answers: Admittedly that trailer is very bad but Vanishing Inc doesn't have control over that as far as I know - they use the trailers that the effect producers provide to them. The photos provide a good indication of what is included with this purchase and the description says it is an ESP matching routine, which you've probably already seen performances of at some point if you are into mentalism.
    • 3. Michael answers: I've purchased this (to be honest, anything that has Dead Rebels name on it is something I'm interested in) and the cards can be used for an ESP color match (as mentioned above).. I purchased extra cards because I thought it would be cool to use vintage half dollars with these cards to perform Bob Mason's Marked Thought..
    • 4. Caleb answers: Too be fair, in this particular case, this is not a trick it's a set of cards. There is a trick included, but this package is NOT a trick anymore than a package of foil printed Tally-Ho's in a rhinoceros tusk box would be. This is just "fluffy" fun.
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  • Jeffrey asks: Are the 10 cards standard poker card size or larger for parlour sized (for easier viewing).

    • 1. Michael answers: I've purchased this set and pulled it out to compare a card with a card from a Bicycle Standard deck of cards and they're the same size.
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  • Mike asks: Is this 2 sets of vintage-looking cards, or one set each of vintage and regular ESP cards as in the picture?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: All the cards are vintage in this set
  • Dane asks: What is the premise of the included routine?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The routine included is a matching one
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