$74.95 Possibly discontinued.
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74.95 usd

Trick by Henri Beaumont ($74.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
HPad - magic

If you're looking for a practical, reliable and undetectable tool for secretly reading what your spectators have written... You're looking for the Hpad.

Months of design and development have gone in to ensuring that the Hpad meets the needs and expectations of modern mentalists. The Hpad comes as a full set that includes a DVD explaining all the moves you need to know to use the device, as well as two routines - an ACAAN and a magic-square effect.

The gimmicked marker pen has been specially manufactured to make sure that it's very comfortable to use and easy to read. Also supplied is another gimmick that can be fitted to a Sharpie.

The notepad used is made by Rhodia, so it's easy for you to refill yourself - simply buy a refill pack from a stationary store or Amazon.

What's included

  • Hpad
  • Gimmicked marker pen
  • 30-minute instructional DVD
  • PDF of additional ideas
  • Extra Sharpie gimmick
Key features:
  • Instantly obtain information in full view of your audience
  • Very clear writing
  • A7 size notepad - perfect for close-up
  • Familiar style of notepad
  • A method for resetting immediately is built into the notepad - you can reset right in front of your spectators
  • Polypropylene covers ensure that your notepad will last as long as possible

Henri Beaumont has finally made a pad that looks like a genuine notepad and produces the most readable impression on the market!Vincent Hedan
This pad is quick and easy to use and resets instantly! It's perfect for any mentalist.Luke Jermay

Refills available here.


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Customer reviews for HPad



The HPad is amazing! The possibilities are practically endless, and the product itself is beautiful and completely inconspicuous. I've used it a plethora of times since I got it, and the pad has never been brought into question. The fact that the gimmick is reusable, the pad is cheaply refillable, and it comes with an extra gimmick makes it well worth the price, if not more. My only complaint is I had trouble playing the DVD that comes with it, which offers excellent ways to work the pad, how to re-use the gimmick, and other important details. I couldn't get it to play in my usual DVD player and had to play it on my CPU. This alone isn't an issue, but it was sort of glitchy when playing the English version.
Other than a few problems with the DVD, I feel the pad and gimmick themselves are astounding, and would be a great product for any mentalist. I use, and will continue to use it, all the time!


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the February 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by David Oliver

Henri Beaumont has combined an impression device and a peek device to create “HPad.” The idea for the gimmick used as an impression device is not new. However, the quick and easy reset of this gimmick is amazingly simple. It is virtually an instant reset which makes this perfect for multiple drawings, selections, and predictions. It also makes this perfect for table hopping when you don’t have a lot of time to reset. It is a clever gimmick that is very well hidden even though it is in full view the entire time. The peek is taught in the handling of the notepad as a bit of subtle choreography. There are a few effects taught on the DVD including an ACAAN. I cannot tell you much about it because the DVD I received was somewhat damaged and skipped a lot. I was able to see some of the instructions (available in both French and English), and some live audience reactions which were impressive. What I can tell you is that the gimmick notepad is very well made and can be freely handled, but not scrutinized, by the spectator. Audience management will come into play here.

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