Mystery of the Ten Coins

Magic download (video) by Rodrigo Romano
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Mystery of the Ten Coins

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Magic download (video) by Rodrigo Romano (10.00)

Mystery of the Ten Coins - magic
Mystery of the Ten Coins Mystery of the Ten Coins

An impossible prediction that is completely impromptu and allows your spectator to do all the work.

Using just 10 ordinary coins, "The Mystery of the Ten Coins" allows you to easily perform a miracle anytime, anywhere. This is hands-off, organic magic at its best. You won't believe how easy and practical it is.

10 ordinary coins are left on the table. The spectator selects any 5 coins and hides them somewhere. They then take the remaining 5 coins and give them a good shake in their hands before throwing them on to the table. You count how many landed heads up and how many landed tails up. Impossibly, this perfectly matches the same amount of heads up and tails up coins in the stack of 5 coins the spectator hid away before anything started. A PERFECT prediction.

"The Mystery of the Ten Coins" is a killer effect with a wildly clever method. It uses just 10 regular coins and truly is impromptu.

Download today to start learning right away!

"Only a brilliant and parallel mind as Rodrigo's can invent such a great new mentalism effect with coins. There is only one thing wrong.. there are no gimmicks used. It will be a classic". Marcelo Insua


Customer reviews for Mystery of the Ten Coins



Well thought out effect that can be done impromptu. It took a couple rewinds in spots to follow the teaching in order to get all parts down, but there was enough to grasp all situations once going over it. I look forward to using this.



Awesome effects and great instructions



Surprisingly I really like this. It's a very nice effect that plays bigger than it really is. It's a very simple concept, but if done correctly, feels impossible. The instructions are very clear and well taught. And it is very easy to understand and you will pick it up very quickly and easily. Best of all you can do this anywhere and the props are just coins, everyone has coins. This is one of those trucks that is a small investment, is very simple in concept, but is very fun to do and plays much bigger than it is. Get this and enjoy...



I love this trick. No slight of hand or the need to have a memory the size of a planet. It's broken down into really simple stages, clearly explained, and easy to follow. There was one element which bothered me (relying on the member of the public to stacking the coins properly, with the possibility of their dropping or fumbling them) and a simple alternative is offered. All in all, a very satisfying effect with a number of excellent finishes.



Not something you'll be able to perform immediately (I was going to say "out of the box" but this is a download, after all...). Requires a bit of practice to envision all the possibilities and how to quickly choose how to deal with them, but the overall effect is a strong one.



Complicated business, but probably worth it.



Fantastic trick!
A Great explanation!!!
I can't wait to be able to do this for spectators!


Community questions about Mystery of the Ten Coins

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  • Jeffrey S asks: Does this work 100% of the time?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes! While that outcome is the best possible scenario, the trick will always start and end the same exact way.
  • Trevor asks: the trailer shows same size coins. can a pocketful of pennies,nickels,dimes, quarters be used?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You'll want to use the same size and same type of coins. However, any type of coin will work.
  • William asks: Is there a need or a preference to use a coin purse to lay out the coins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There isn't a need for a coin purse but it is helpful to store the coins in.
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