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Occlus - magic

Occlus is a childishly simple, prop-less date of birth revelation. Yet, it's another break-through method taken from Fraser's notebooks. It has only been shared with a few of his close friends, up until now.

What makes this different from his previously released solution is that it is an entirely verbal method. There is NO counting on fingers or any need for a separate star sign divination to be performed alongside it.

Again, this is not to discount what has come before. As Fraser strives for the perfect solution, he releases ideas he believes have merit all by themselves, whilst at the same time giving you different options and tools to create your own effects and routines.

In this version you will secretly know the spectator's exact date of birth, after giving a brief example of how readers would formulate a basis for a reading - a process you then go on to dismiss as unimportant.

This then leaves you free to reveal their star sign and exact date of birth however you wish.

Think of this as a kind of pre-show that happens during the show and is based entirely on linguistic deception.

NO dual reality, re-frames or hard-to-follow process.

Its simplicity, ease of performance and structure is what makes this truly remarkable.


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Let me start with the positive aspects. Occlus is a pretty straight forward process to secretly capture the birthday of a spectator. It involves a number of calculations including age, day of birth, month of birth. Is it possible to reconcile this process with the revelation? Probably not. But - and in my books this is a big but - a somewhat intelligent audience will always connect the dots, even if they cannot figure out the precise way the information was revealed. The script as suggested - going through the process and revealing the birthday straight after is a solid puzzle, but not more.
There is still use for it, but you would need way more time misdirection to make it work as a true mystery.
You get a twenty page booklet for a somewhat hefty price. I do not have a problem with that, if it is a truly outstanding idea, plot or anything groundbreaking innovative.
For me it does not fall in this category and hence I did not get the value I expected for the money. I would not recommend it.