Rasmus Real Coin Bend

Trick by Rasmus
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Rasmus Real Coin Bend

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Trick by Rasmus ($159.00)

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Rasmus Real Coin Bend - magic

Last year our friend Luke Jermay invited us to a very private performance of a new coin bend. We were totally fooled. It looked exactly like a coin bend should: he took a coin at his fingertips and slowly bent it. We were watching closely enough to know that there were no switches; the coin was flat one minute and then a few seconds later it was completely bent. It was one of those rare astonishing moments that we will never forget.

Luke then told us about the creator of the coin bend. Rasmus, a magician from Switzerland, has been working on the gimmick for many years, finally stumbling across a very special way to bend a coin that until now has been kept between just a few select mentalists.

This isn't like other coin bends. There is no secret tool used to bend the coin, and the coin that the audience sees in your hands is the same coin that you bend. It's a truly unique, real-world coin bend method. Your hands are totally empty for the entire trick. It's not cheap, but when you know the method you'll understand exactly why.

Includes amazing handling ideas and strong routines, explained by Luke Jermay, Dee Christopher and Rasmus.

"Professional mentalism at it's finest." Richard Osterlind
"That is simply amazing." Morgan Strebler
"A wonderful method, simple and direct. I love it." Wayne Houchin
"Your coin bend is the best metal effect I've ever seen and by far the best coin bend ever invented!" Kieron Johnson

You are supplied with three gimmicks (available in US quarter or British 50p) and an instructional DVD. Each gimmick lasts for about 60 - 100 performances. Refills will be available to those who purchase directly from us at $49 per gimmick.


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Got it this morning and it will be right in my set of tricks, the gimmick is genius. You won't need any knuckle busting things to bend coins now.



An favorite for all with this art! It new day for coin magicians with this function effect is an marvel classic that yourself can have super fun!



Couldn't be more impressed. Gimmicks are brilliant and the teaching is to the same standards! Thanks!