Resurrected V2 Marked Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Peter Turner and Nathan Lindley
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Resurrected V2 Marked Playing Cards

24.75 usd

Deck of cards by Peter Turner and Nathan Lindley (From $24.75)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

The ultimate companion for any card magician or mentalist wanting to use playing cards in their act.

Many mentalists will often debate if playing cards have a place in mentalism. In fact, some. mentalists go as far as avoiding the use of playing cards all together out of fear that their mentalism act will come across as a traditional magic show.

However, it's undeniable that there are many incredible mentalism routines that can be performed using playing cards. The problem is that ordinary playing cards like Bicycle Playing Cards can put the impression in a spectator's mind that you are performing nothing more than a simple card trick.

Imagine this scenario, someone sits down silently. Without saying a word, they remove a deck of Tarot cards from a velvet drawstring bag. The audience (for the most part) instantly assume that this person is a psychic reader and is excited about the prospect of getting a reading. They assume the reader can confirm things about their past, consult them about their present or even share exciting insight about the future.

All without saying a single word.

Now, imagine someone sits down and removes a deck of playing cards from a colorful box. What do you think the audience will instantly assume if that person never said a word?

This second scenario proves for the most part that, to some degree, the instant perception conjured up in the audience's mind, is a direct reflection of the makeup of the cards.

Years of thinking, designing and re-designing have gone in to creating a deck that looks esoteric in nature and when brought out in a performance ensures that any reservations or preconceived notions that might occur when bringing out a bog standard deck of cards instantly goes out of the window.

The Ouija design is instantly recognizable to an audience as being mysterious and part of a world that little is understood about. This deck enables you to perform incredible mentalism routines whilst leaving the guilt at the door and best of all its marked in many, many different ways.

Unlock all the secrets to this amazing deck with the "Resurrected Projected"


  • Fresh color schemes and designs on the back and faces of the deck.
  • Custom court cards and beautifully hand drawn center pips featured on the Aces.
  • An intuitive full marking system that can be learned in seconds and allows you to quickly know the identity of any card
  • OOTW (Out of this world) color marking systems (multiple) that allow you to know the color of any playing card with a simple glance.
  • Several very, very subtle one way markings that allow you to know the orientation of cards (even in a spread)
  • A clever system that allows you to blindly stack a face-down deck of cards into mnemonica stack (even if you don't know that stack)
  • 2 custom utility cards that are also marked and allow you to perform a range of routines including secretly gaining information about a spectator that is never said out loud or written down.
  • A custom printed card with a link to a pdf and video tutorial that will allow you to unlock the secrets of "Resurrected V2 Playing Cards"
  • A devious secret embedded in the innocent-looking tuck case.
  • Access to exclusive "Ressurected" group where tips, ideas and routines are regularly shared.
  • Printed with true linen B9 finish from Cartamundi for ultimate handling and feel

In 2018, Peter Turner and Phill Smith created "Resurrected Playing Cards." The Resurrected Deck launched at Blackpool Magic Convention and was hugely popular, selling out almost instantly. Since then, the resurrected deck has become one of the most sort after decks for both Mentalists and Magicians alike, due to its mysterious design and deadly inbuilt secrets.

Being almost impossible to get hold of now, Nathan Lindley didn't want to see this amazing deck disappear into the abyss. So he purchased the rights to the art work and set out to create a newer version the "Resurrected V2 Playing Cards" which sits more in line with Peter's original vision.

The Resurrected deck resembles the look of a Ouija Board whilst retaining the overall feel of a deck of cards. This gives the design a mystical and mysterious look and allows the deck to be used by magicians and mentalists alike. Its esoteric design allows the deck to be convincingly used for giving readings or in mentalism style routines without the fear of looking like a deck used for performing magic tricks. That said, this design is perfect for magicians also as the deck design practically does most of the work for you, allowing you to focus on a smooth performance.

This is not like a regular run of the mill deck design. Leave these sitting on a table and we can guarantee that the power of the design alone will get people talking. It is the perfect as 'in' to start showing people some of the things that you can do.

After purchasing the rights to the artwork, Nathan received several folders containing Peter Turner's hand drawn concepts and notes dating all the way back to 2013. In these notes (addressed to the graphic designer) he stated, "whilst custom face cards are interesting for magicians to look at, they're distracting and create suspicion for an audience - rendering the deck (most of the time unusable) especially in mentalism".

Trying to stay true to Turner's original vision Nathan adapted several of the original philosophies into my re-design which resulted in amazing custom, yet subtle face designs that fit in line with the feel of the deck, but don't seem out of the ordinary to an audience.

These can be seen below. He also opted for a deeper, rich red and soulful black which really sets off the tone of the design.

Each Ace has a unique, custom hand drawn pip in the center, the Ace of Spades also has a hidden playing card embedded into the design that allows for several types of effects ranging from psychological influence to fun interesting card magic with a twist.

After extensive research, Nathan found that 90% of magicians (and mentalists) don't actually use the jokers provided with a regular deck of cards. He wanted each and every card in this deck to serve a purpose, meaning you are getting the most out of your deck.

The utility cards he designed and provided in place of the Jokers fit perfectly in line with the theme of the deck but also open up the possibility of using the cards to perform many different type of effects. These utility cards will allow you to guess randomly thought of cards or pieces of information that the spectator never writes down, says out loud or even knows that you know!

The cards are also clearly marked so you can know with 100% accuracy at a glance which one of these cards the spectator is holding at any given time. If you purchase a brick or more of 'Resurrected V2' you will get special unrestricted access to video tutorials of Nathan's uses for these utility cards. Also provided in the deck is a blank faced card, which can also be used for a number of effects or a billet (if in a pinch) and in the aforementioned video tutorials he will also share my use of this card.

The "Resurrected V2 Playing Cards" boasts an intuitive and simple set of marking systems (multiple) that are easy to read and once you know the secrets will be impossible to miss. The real beauty of this set of marking systems is that they will be completely undetectable to your audience - Even if the deck is in their hands! This means you can perform guilt free, without the worry that is carried with other marking systems.

ALL NEW STOCK This is one of the major advancements over the original 'Resurrected' deck. The most important aspect as a magician/mentalist myself is to have cards that they can rely on in the heat of the moment. After speaking to countless other magicians and mentalists about the original Resurrected deck, each person said the design of the cards were amongst the best they had seen and the only thing that they would change about the deck is the stock.

After creating a poll, it was voted that the most popular, durable and slick stock is Cartamundi's True linen B9 finish (it won by a landslide). After listening to you, the people, the beautiful "Ressurected" design is available on that amazing stock.

Available in Black or Red.


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