Sight Unseen Revelations

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Sight Unseen Revelations - magic

Appearing in print for the first time, we're very excited to be able to bring you Sight Unseen Revelations - a four-phase routine in which you locate selected cards with a spectator covering your eyes! One of the most talked about feats of Jason Michaels and now you have the opportunity to learn it yourself.

In an effort to not use any standard blindfold through a belief that people will still think somehow you can see through it, Jason Michaels invited a lady to come forward from the audience and cover his closed eyes with her hands. If you try it for yourself you will know that seeing is impossible. Then, under these 'impossible to see' conditions, he developed a multi-phase card revelation routine that was done using genuinely shuffled decks, while the lady had her hands over his eyes. But there's more. There are NO STACKS used of any kind and the effects below are accurately described. The following is exactly what happens in the real performance.

Effect 1:
The lady's hands cover the performer's eyes and a spectator freely selects a card from a deck. There is no force of any kind. He returns the card to the deck and genuinely shuffles the cards BEFORE handing the deck back to the performer. Finding the card would seem impossible, especially since the performer cannot see (he really can't). In a matter of seconds while the lady still has his eyes covered, he correctly locates the card. Baffling beyond words.

Effect 2:
A second spectator selects a card from a deck in his own hands and buries it into the deck and hands the deck to the performer. Again there was no force of any kind. The performer puts the deck into his jacket pocket for a few seconds and removes it and gives it back to the spectator. Remember, the performer still cannot see. The spectator is asked to look through the deck for his freely selected card; it has vanished from the deck. He reaches into the performer's side pocket and there is his card. There are no duplicate cards and the selected card could be signed! Nothing else is in the pocket but the selected card.

Effect 3:
Both spectators shuffle the deck and give it back to you. You spread the cards and have one selected and returned. You give the deck a few cuts and turn it face up and hand the face card to the spectator. It is his card. Positively no sleight of hand card control. No double cuts or breaks.

Effect 4:
The strongest phase of all. This time, both spectators select a card, while your eyes are still covered and returns them to the deck. You riffle the cards and ask the lady to tell you when to stop. She does so and you turn that card face up and say you will use it to locate the other two spectator's cards. Leaving the card face up you cut it into the deck and cut the deck several times and hand it to one of the spectators. He spreads until he comes to the face up card and removes the cards on both sides of it. Believe it or not, these are the two selected cards. Positively no sleight of hand required to do this location, it is almost self-working.

While your eyes are still covered, you ask the lady to concentrate on her card. Believe it or not, you name her card. It seems impossible that you could do this since the spectators have repeatedly shuffled the cards and keeping track of any card would seem impossible.

Remember, the lady keeps her fingers over your eyes from start to finish. She never removes them anytime during the routine allowing you to get a peek at anything. This is why the routine is so baffling. Also the spectators genuinely shufflle the cards between each phase. This is why the routine seems so impossible, but is exactly as described, and these are all one man-effects that require no secret assistants or codes.

Points to note:

  • No stooges are used
  • No electronic equipment
  • No stacks used of any kind - just a deck of 52 cards
  • No difficult sleights

With your purchase you receive printed directions and two professionally made gimmicks from the US Playing Card Company - the finest gimmicks of this type you will find. (No need to try to make gimmicks when you get two professionally made gimmicks for both blue & red bicycle decks.)

Please note: You really cannot see and are totally blind during the performance! All you need is the ability to handle cards while your eyes are covered, which is easy with a bit of practice.


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