Silent Running

Book by Ben Harris
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Silent Running

39.95 usd

Book by Ben Harris (39.95)

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"If you are seeking the holy grail of truly prop-less mentalism then you NEED to get this routine. Ben's thinking has always been unique and here he excels himself!"
- Marc Paul (UK)

WHAT IS SILENT RUNNING? SILENT RUNNING is a "Think Of A Card" concept that requires no props at all. You don't even need a deck of cards. Any spectator is asked to THINK of any number from 1-10, and then asked to THINK of a suit (either Clubs, Hearts, Spades or Diamonds). She does ALL OF THIS IN HER HEAD-TELLING YOU NOTHING. In her MIND she combines the chosen number and suit to create the visual image of a playing card. Again, SHE SAYS NOTHING! Once it's confirmed that she is thinking of a card that NO ONE CAN POSSIBLY KNOW, you proceed to reveal it in any number of ways.


  • Nothing is EVER written down-this is strictly a verbal procedure!
  • There is NO dual reality. The spectator and audience experience the same effect!
  • There are NO GIMMICKS used at all, no nail writers, electronics-NOTHING!
  • The effect is EASILY learned!
  • Perform for a single spectator or a thousand!

In addition to the above, STEVE SHUFTON contributes further nuance for card workers and presents "SPEECHLESS"-a devastating version of "The Open Prediction".

As a very special treat, professional mentalist DEVIN KNIGHT provides TWO FULLY DEVELOPED ROUTINES-each bristling with fine detail and subtlety. Any of these bonus items are worth the price of admission on their own! PLUS additional ideas and effects from BOB CASSIDY, PAOLO CAVALLI and JASON MESSINA.

"This is so much more than just an effect. It is a powerful subtlety that is a must have for your mentalist toolbox."
- Banachek (USA)

"I love the newspaper Card Stab as it has the perfect combination of drama and impossibility. Great stuff."
- Peter Duffie (Scotland)

Pages: 60 - Saddle Stitched, Photo Illustrated


Customer reviews for Silent Running



This principle is revolutionary. You are able to make it seem as if they had a completely free choice yet you are way ahead of them. This is easy to learn and gets great reactions.



Excellent doesnt even come close! This effect is AMAZING!! Iv been doing card magic for years and always went to ellusionist etc. Then our man Spidey from YouTube who's a world class mentalist turned me onto here. Here's where I'll be coming from now on! The book is WAY under priced. If your not satisfied then your most likely not doing it right. It took my a few times with my brother who also does the same stuff. Its 100% gimmick free and 100% on the spot pleaser for one person or a whole group.!


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