Take A Seat

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Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong ($75.00)

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Take A Seat - magic

Take A Seat by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

'Chair Test' Meets 'Pseudo Psychometry'

Wayne turns his attention to the modern classic of stage mentalism, 'The Chair Test', with predictably powerful results. For good measure he has provided a close-up version to further extend the practicality of your purchase.

By subjecting two classics of mentalism, 'Pseudo Psychometry' with 'The Chair Test', to the Dobbo treatment, you have a powerful stage, parlor and close-up routine that plays big. And, it uses props that will fit into your pocket.

No this, not that, no messing. No electronics, magnets, stooges, pre-show, wallets, or gizmos. Just a direct, high- impact effect brought about by simple, lo-tech means. In other words, all the hallmarks of 'The Dobson Approach'!

Effect: The performer invites four spectators to come onstage to assist. On the stage are four chairs in a row. The performer shows a black bag, from which he tips out four differently colored balls - a red, a blue, a green and a yellow - into one helper's hands for him to look at before they return them to the bag. The bag is then shaken up to mix the balls.

The performer now asks each in turn to take a colored ball sight unseen from the bag, concealing it in their closed fist so even they are unaware of which one they chose. After each has done so, they sit down on one of the chairs, holding their closed fists containing the four chosen balls, whose colors at this stage they still don't know. They are asked to peek at the ball in their hand without showing it to anyone else.

The performer turns to the helpers in turn and divines the color of ball each is holding. He then invites the spectators to stand one at a time, to lift their chair to show the underside of the seat. On each chair is a colored ball. In each case, the colored chairs match the colors chosen by their occupants!

You receive all required quality props including the bag, the balls, the plastic color discs and matching color chips for the close up version, and detailed PDF instructions with illustrations.


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  • Martin asks: Do spectators have a free choice of which chair to sit on after they have taken a coloured ball from the bag?

    • 1. Adam answers: Go fish.
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  • Jeff asks: So the idea is the "mentalist" has made a prediction with the chairs and directs the spectators to sit in the seat which he feels is the correct color without knowing what ball they chose? I would like to have more explanation on the performance or a video of the performance.

    • 1. Danny answers: Jeff- It's a basic chair test routine, thousands of different versions. You can stretch this routine with other revelations that revolve around their chose color as well.
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  • Dan asks: This was asked but not answered clearly; Do spectators have a free choice of which chair to sit on after they have taken a coloured ball from the bag?

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