The Blood Feast of the Sun

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The Blood Feast of the Sun - magic
The Blood Feast of the Sun The Blood Feast of the Sun The Blood Feast of the Sun

Looking for a unique show of your mental powers? How about lighting an unprepared piece of paper on fire? 

The Blood Feast of the Sun instructs you on how to do just that. Perfect anytime you need a touch of the bizarre in your set, this is sure to give your spectators chills that might not go away.


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  • Glenn asks: I imagine this trick requires that I build a gimmick. How expensive are the ingredients for the gimmick? How easy is it to build a gimmick? How good do I have to be at slight of hand (I'm not good at all)?

    • 1. Jeffrey answers: First off, there is no "gimmick" per se. Actually, the manipulation is chemistry-based. The "ingredients" are readily available in nearly any pharmacy, or you can find them on Etsy. And, they are pretty cheap in price. There is no "building" of a gimmick involved. Preparation is VERY simple and quick. It IS recommended that the components are stored separately, in air-tight containers, (you don't want them to react before you are ready for them to, do you?). And finally, there is no "slight-of-hand" involved. As long as you "appear" to be nonchalant in your actions before your audience, you should be fine, (use all proper cautions, whereas you ARE dealing with fire, of course). Be purposeful in how you move, and confident in your speech. Remember, they don't know what you are going to do until you tell & show them. YOU are in control. P.S.: If you'd rather, look for the product called "Bloody Hell", by Panda Magic. This PROVIDES the "ingredients" in the package, but not the same routine. I recommend getting it IN ADDITION to "The Blood Feast of the Sun". There is another routine called, "Combustion" by Aaron Jones, produced by World Magic Shop, that uses the same materials & principles. Be forewarned, it can be hard to track this one down, (it's currently "out-of-production"). But, if you can, it will further expand what you can do with this effect. Again, use all safety precautions, this involves the creation of fire. So, stay safe, and don't get burned.
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The Blood Feast of the Sun by Ken de Courcy