The Mendez Principle

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The Mendez Principle - magic

The Mendez Principle unlocks the vault of a forgotten mentalism principle that truly embraces the idea of getting into someone's head. By building on an older idea that was largely hidden away in various texts, Fraser Parker has developed a way to truly convince an audience that mind reading can be real.

In this booklet, you'll learn a carefully-developed system that enables you to know exactly know which object out of three freely-chosen objects a spectator is focusing on.

"The Mendez Principle is such a unique piece of Mentalism, not just because of the effects it now makes possible to perform prop-less but because of the method itself. It's very hard to describe what it feels like to perform this other than; THE REAL thing! When Fraser told me the method I didn't believe him, until we performed it on each other over and over again, with great success. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants their Mentalism to feel real, not just for their audience but for themselves too!" Dreygon Hibbler

The reason it feels so close to real magic is because of how much you'll be using your own intuition. Fraser Parker was initially not going to release The Mendez Principle because he thought it would be too difficult to teach. However, he is finally ready to share the fruits of his labor with those mentalists that want to experience the full potential of this overlooked concept.

You'll learn the basic system, which is a very direct version of a "Trojan Horse" style effect where spectators hide thought-of images on their person and you successfully reveal where they have placed each item. This is a bonafide crowd pleasure.

Fraser also teaches you how to apply the principle as a force, and within the concept of a "one ahead" routine where any other thought can be revealed alongisde the thought-of image. Also included is a variation of Fraser's two-way billet out from Silent Poets and a streamlined version of his prop-less star sign routine from God Mode.

NOTE: This booklet is best reserved for those with experience using more traditional mentalism techniques. It features a purer form of mentalism than most modern offerings that are better defined as "mental magic".

"I am sure you will make quite a sensation with this with numerous spinoffs, and you certainly have my blessing." Kenton Knepper

"The Art of Mentalism encompasses the idea of getting into someone's head and Fraser has done it. When I first witnessed this tool I almost fell out of my seat. The array of effects you will be able to perform with the Mendez principle is unbelievable. You will truly feel like a wizard when using this new tool in your Mentalism." Perna

"It felt like Fraser had hit me in the head with a Sledgehammer! NOT just once but twice in a row!! Fraser's commitment to his craft is next level. I can tell he's only just begun to scratch the surface with this. I can't wait to read Mendez to see where he's taken it." Ryan Mentis

"Ffs! Have I told you I hate you!!" Olie McManus


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