This, That & Nothing

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Trick by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong ($15.00)

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This, That & Nothing - magic

Wayne Dobson, with support from Alan Wong, presents a remarkably powerful and refreshing new version of a beloved mentalism classic: the "Free Will" plot.

While some versions of the "Free Will" plot can have rather underwhelming conclusions, Wayne has spent years finely tweaking his routine to develop a version that is wildy entertaining and packs a major punch.

Three cards are shown with the words "This", "That" and "Nothing" printed on them. You then place a prediction in plain sight and invite the spectator to mix the cards face down. The spectator then freely selects a card and places it into their open hand, takes another card and tucks it into their belt and then places the final card on the magician's outstretched hand. As if that wasn't fair enough, the spectator is then allowed to switch any of the cards if they'd like. Once they are satisfied, the prediction is opened and correctly reads:

"You have this, I have that, and I have nothing down my trousers".

In classic Wayne Dobson fashion, This, That & Nothing is an incredibly easy to follow mentalism routine that ends on a big laugh with an incredible visual that is sure to leave a lasting impression on every audience.


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This, That & Nothing by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong