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DVD by Morgan Strebler ($49.95)

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Touched - magic
Touched Touched Touched

Morgan Strebler offers his update to the Psychokinetic Touches plot.

What if you can cross the barrier of physical reality?

Imagine touching a person without ever laying a finger on them. Touched is a collection of Morgan Strebler's techniques and his approach to the famous Invisible Touch plot.

Morgan Strebler shares his secret on real time touches. The spectators have their eyes wide open, staring at their own hand while being 'touched' by invisible force. Various techniques to synchronize spectators' senses and create absolute miracles.

Equip yourself with the Touched techniques now and get ready to perform miracles anywhere anytime.


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Customer reviews for Touched


Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the May 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by John Wilson

While some of the methods taught are on the bold side and are most effective when working for a small group, there are methods here for any situation. The application of these ideas opens up new approaches that transcend the traditional touch effect. I would recommend this release to anyone interested in taking a PK Touches routine in a different direction.


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the January 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by Danny Orleans

There’s something for everyone within the 75 minutes of quality content: Routines for just two spectators, cocktail party scenarios, and stage work. With a premise and many techniques rooted in Banachek’s teachings, Morgan has done it all, much of the material for over 15 years. He divides the PK Touch work into two categories: those based on dual reality caused by an unnoticeable time delay, and also real-time PK Experiences in which both spectators experience the touch or smell (yes, smell!) simultaneously. He shows devious ways to accomplish this. You may already own the required gimmicks. If not, they are easily purchased.

I recommend this to anyone who is not afraid of presenting really spooky mysteries. Find out what type of gimmicks you’ll need. Then invite two magic friends over for an afternoon of amazement, fun, and learning as you first watch and then practice the mind-boggling routines from “Touched.”

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Touched by Morgan Strebler