Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Set - Kennedy Half Dollar

Trick by Tango Magic
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Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Set - Kennedy Half Dollar

180.00 usd

Trick by Tango Magic ($180.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Set - Kennedy Half Dollar - magic

The most in-depth study on Ramsay's cylinder ever crafted.

Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Set Includes:

  • 1 stack of magnetic Kennedy half dollar coins
  • 1 small magic wand
  • 1 leather cylinder
  • 1 expanded shell
  • 3 regular coins
  • 2 hours of video (history, performances and explanations)
    • Note: As of 11/21, the history video is only in Spanish (HISTORIA DEL RAMSAY SET EN ESPAÑOL)

Tango Magic has always been a high-end, excellence synonym when it comes to Coin magic. We know every detail counts and makes a world of difference for you and your audience.

Our love and dedication to work with coins have led us to the masterpiece we believe the end result is. This passion and commitment to our art led us, by the hand of Mr. Tango, to win the FISM 2012 International invention award. This reinforced our beliefs and mission along with our quality standards day after day in order for you to get the highest quality available on your hands!

In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.

Video instructions in English and Spanish. Instructions are streaming only.


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Customer reviews for Deluxe Ramsay Cylinder Set - Kennedy Half Dollar



Making good on a pledge to FINALLY learn the Ramsay routine, I purchased this set. It's got all you need — well, almost. After working with the set for a while using both the included cylinder and one I had my "stuff I'll use someday" drawer, I'm afraid I've come to agree with Evan, who reviewed the Eisenhower Dollar version of the trick — Tango's cylinder is just not usable. At Evan's suggestion, I bought the $45 cylinder that Vanishing Inc, sells. It's far better than Tango's and even better than the fancy one from my drawer.

Most discouraging for me is Tango's participation in the scourge that is "streaming-only" instructional videos. If not yet the norm, the sale of access to (but not ownership of) instructional videos of purchased tricks is disconcerting when it occurs. For all I know, that video could disappear without notice, leaving me or any future owners of my set stranded. Yes, the routine in many permutations is documented elsewhere, beginning with the Andrew Galloway description in "The Ramsay Classics," but THAT routine does not take advantage of two of the proprietary features of the Tango set. To own the Tango set and NOT "own" the instructions is absurd. In the best of all possible worlds, video instructions should be succinct, well thought out, scripted, and supplement, not replace, the written word. Failing that, at LEAST let the buyer own his purchase, props, instructions, and all. I would hope that in the future Vanishing Inc. would take note of online-only instructions in their product descriptions. For me, this alone would often be a deal breaker, particularly for lengthy routines such as this one.

(I much appreciate that VI DID alter the product description to alert the buyer to the "stream-only" status of the online instruction. They listen!)