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Profile/Skewer - magic

Garrett Thomas is a clever guy, and this may be the best thing he has come up with yet. He turned heads at the recent Genii Convention and this was the hottest new trick. It has two extraordinary moments, culminating with a phase in which you push your finger into a half dollar to press the profile out of the other side. It's weird, and it looks wonderful.

As the art of magic evolves, we find that a single amazing moment is often stronger than an entire entertaining act. Coin magic, focused almost entirely on transpositions, is in particular need of something to make it "stand out" and give it more "depth."

With PROFILE and SKEWER world-renowned sleight of hand expert, Garrett Thomas, brings you two amazing moments of strange that will give your audiences something very different to talk about.

These extremely powerful, reality-twisting moments break through the expectations of the typical coin trick and force your audiences to ask themselves, "Did that REALLY just happen?"

PROFILE: In Garrett's new coin concept, you slowly press your finger into a Kennedy half-dollar that amazingly melts, shaping a deep impression into the metal of the coin. PROFILE includes an optional twist ending, as the portrait of the president can be shown to have been pushed out in 3D.

SKEWER: Garrett has reworked the classic Karate Coin into an illusion that allows you to slowly push your finger completely through a half-dollar and make it look as though it is melting in every direction through the face of the coin. This is definitely NOT your Grandmother's finger through coin trick!

Included with PROFILE and SKEWER are two amazing new tools, made from Kennedy half-dollars. Garrett explains how to use these tools in two real-world routines and includes four options for performing each of the effects (ranging in difficulty from novice to expert).


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I picked one of these up straight away. It's really very good. I have performed coin bends for years, but wanted something a little different. This is typical Garrett Thomas: creative, intriguing and creates a moment of magic that people will talk about for years.

The downside is that I wish I could let the spectator keep the coin. But understandably they are so difficult to make that this isn't possible.

10 out of 10 for a really clever new effect. It's rare to see new plots in magic but with Profile, Garrett has found one. The second phase (Skewer) is one of the better Karate Coin handlings I have seen!



This arrived two days ago and I'm already doing it. It's one of the few effects that really does LOOK like magic. It doesn't look like you did just looks so pure and visual. So far I'm over the moon with how great the reactions are. Keep up the products like this...loving it.



I have always wanted to do a karate coin type handling. FINALLY I found one I like enough to learn. Can't wait for this to arrive, and I hope I can make it look as good as Garrett does.

Profile/Skewer by Garrett Thomas