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DVD by Mystique Factory ($39.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Renaissance - magic

Maurice Kim will teach you sleights and routines which are within the reach of intermediate coin magicians.

  • The routines are highly visual and easy to understand for your audience in any environment.
  • On this DVD you will learn 25+ sleights so you can use it to create your own routines. 
  • You will find effects which requires no table or close-up pad.
  • Learn basic sleights and experts techniques also. 
  • You will find effects which requires no table or close-up pad.
  • None of the routines require gimmicks so you are able to learn the routines immediately without spending money on different coin gimmicks!

Routines thought on the DVD:

3 coin production / vanish / reproduction:

In this routine you make three coins appear from nothing in the clearest and fairest way. All three productios are highly visual.

One Coin Routine:

In this routine the coin visually travels from hand to hand without any cover- it looks like a coin teleportation!


This effect has three different phases. The silver coin changes in the spectator's hand to a copper coin. In the second phase, the silver coin changes to copper in mid air without any cover! For the last phase, the coin changes again in a completely different way. Ever single change is highly visual and done in a clearest way possible!

Coin assembly on the spectator's arm:

This routine is a classic coin assembly in a way which has been never seen before. You don't need a table because you perform the effect on the spectator's arm! 

Triple Spellbound:

This is a spellbound routine without any gimmicks! All changes are highly visual and done in a different ways.


Shock is a coin matrix with an unexpected ending. At the end the four coins appear in a spot where no one expects! When they think they know the outcome of the routine you just give them a Shock!

Sleights and utility moves taught:

  • Al Schneider matrix moves
  • Coin roll+4 coin roll down
  • Dai Vernon spellbound move
  • Edward Victor spellbound move
  • Finger palm+classic palm placements
  • French drop
  • Hanging coins vanish
  • Himber vanish
  • Japanese coin steal
  • Jean-Pierre Vallarino coin steal
  • JW grip
  • JW production
  • JW vanish
  • JW change
  • JW teleport move
  • L'homme masque
  • Masking load
  • Matrix steal
  • Michael Ammar's sonic squeeze
  • Milton Kort's drop vanish
  • Nabil change by Nabil Murday
  • Odd coin load+misdirection
  • Retention pass
  • Retention vanish
  • Spider vanish
  • Tenkai pinch (get readys, switch)
  • Utility switch

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