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Skymember Presents Monarch

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Skymember Presents Monarch - magic
Skymember Presents Monarch Skymember Presents Monarch Skymember Presents Monarch Skymember Presents Monarch Skymember Presents Monarch Skymember Presents Monarch

One of the most anticipated project release by Avi Yap is finally here. Wait... Who is Avi? Avi is a superbly talented and young coin magician based in Singapore who had successfully fooled and entertained a lot of big name magicians such as Chris Kenner, Chris Ramsey, Wayne Houchin and the list goes on.

After 10 years of working with coins, Avi has finally agreed to share with us his coin work through a series called "Art of Coins." Each chapter will share some of Avi's beautifully crafted routines that was reserved for his personal working repertoire. There's no better routine to kickstart "Art of Coins" than Monarch.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Only the MORGAN DOLLAR VERSION comes with the extra coins needed to perform the routines. If you purchase the Quarter or Half Dollar version, you will need to supply your own extra coins.

So what is Monarch? Simply put, Monarch is Avi's handling of the classic "Chink-a-Chink" effect. But there's so much more than, with a decade in the making and being one of Avi's oldest creations, Avi have spent a substantial amount of time to refine every aspect of the routine. What you will learn in this project is not just an effect or a trick, but an accumulation of experiences that Avi has worked and gathered over the years. Whenever Avi performs, this is usually his go to routine, and after learning it, you will understand why! It's straightforward and highly visual! You could even perform it completely surrounded. What's more, is that this routine is surprisingly easy to learn and do! If you want an effective icebreaker, you can't go wrong with Monarch.

Included in this project is not just the routine, but everything you need necessary to perform the routine. Teaming up with the high end coin making company, Alchemist, the gimmick and the coins(Morgan replica) you will receive are amongst the best quality in the world!

**There are 3 options available: **

  1. Quarters - suitable for performers who prefer to perform the routine with borrowed coins.
  2. Half Dollars - suitable for performers who are looking to have better visuals yet still have the flexibility to use borrowed coins.
  3. Morgans - suitable for performers looking for the best visuals.

The Morgan Dollar option comes with 4 ungimmicked replica coins. Made with Cupronickel, the coins are made so that the details and the sound produced are extremely similar to a genuine Morgan Dollar! To make things even better, we made them as soft coins, meaning that there will be little to no talk when performing! AND it has the perfect weight for your everyday coin magic. They are specifically made for Avi's everyday use and were made under the strictest requirements. We are confident that you will be happy with these coins.

Due to legal reasons, We are unable to provide legal tender coins in the project. However don't take that as a negative but an encouragement to perform this with borrowed coins; which arguably makes the magic way stronger!

Monarch is one of Avi's monumental pieces that is a testament to his growth. Through this project, we hope that you will be inspired to embark on a similar journey, growing and meeting many more people just like Avi himself.

Come and join us on this journey. It does not matter if you are beginner, enthusiast, or a working professional, we believe you will be able to get something out from this project. Diving into the mind of Avi now as he finally shares his coin work, starting with this, Monarch.

Don't wait, pick yours today at your favourite magic shop. Available now, worldwide.

DISCLAIMER: The patina on each Morgan Dollar may vary as they are hand applied. You will need to supply your own coins for the Quarter & Half dollars option. The sleights demonstrated and coin ring are not included with the purchase. The Quick Matrix also requires a 5th coin, which is not included with the Morgan Dollar version. Vanishing Inc. is currently working on ways to provide you with options for the additional Monarch Morgan.

Commercial rights are reserved for Monarch, including but not limited to TV, web shows and reuse Monarch Morgan for other magic commercial projects. Kindly contact Skymember Presents for commercial inquiries.

"Avi is by far my favorite magician of this era. Just when I thought I have seen his best stuff... He shows me this. The thinking and execution is off the charts." Chris Kenner

"That's beautiful!" Wayne Houchin

"Avi's coin matrix is the stuff legends are made of. Put down the coin TRICKS and get ready to start doing coin MAGIC" Luke Dancy

"As some may know about my love of Matrix. Avi's approach is just BEAUTIFUL. I love how pure and artistic this looks. Rad." Will Tsai


Customer reviews for Skymember Presents Monarch



For me, it really deserves five stars. I bought the Morgan version, and I totally recommend you to do the same, cause that's the only version that includes the coins, and, trust me, it's worth every penny you pay extra. These are really the best replicas I have ever seen in my life, and the feeling in your hands is amazing!! I wish I could buy a couple of extra gimmicks of the same quality. If anybody knows where could I find them, please let me know!!!



Morgan Coins are great. I just wish they added the one extra Morgan coins for the quick Matrix routine. Overall great product. Definitely recommended if you like coin magic.



The gimmick I received did not work as intended (even after extensive modification) but customer support was AMAZING and sent me a whole new set. However, the gimmick in the second set has the exact same issues as the first so I've just accepted the fact I cannot use the gimmick for these coins which is very disappointing. I have at least 5 of the same gimmicks for other coin sets and have never had issues like the ones included here. The coins themselves are the best looking Morgan replicas I've ever owned. There is quite a bit of variation in the patinas between coins in the set and the patina is only painted on so it can be scratched off which means I'm not sure how long these coins will stay looking good. My gimmicks patinas didn't match any of the coins either so even if they worked I wouldn't use them since it's very obvious when it comes into play. All in all, coins are some of the best looking on the market but the gimmick is utterly useless and therefore the routine in the video cannot be performed. Skymember really needs to step up their quality control before I can recommend this set.


Community questions about Skymember Presents Monarch

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Allen asks: Hello, I was curious what this means: "The sleights demonstrated and coin ring are not included with the purchase" -Sleights not demonstrated: wouldnt these be necessary to learn the routine? Or what does that mean? -Coin ring? Is this something else needed to perform the routine? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The video teaches you all of the moves and sleights to do the matrix. No other sleights (that are in the trailer) are taught. The ring that is seen in the trailer is not included. It is just there as an unrelated prop (think of it as window dressing). You get everything you need to perform the matrix.
  • Azlan asks: Will this work with British coins? And is the mat required or can this be performed impromptu providing you have the gimmick?

    • 1. Dottore answers: If you have a matching gimmick, yes, it could be performed with any coins. The mat helps a lot. Most magicians could not perform this without a mat.
    • 2. Tabitha answers: you don't need a pad it strictly has been mentioned in the tutorial
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  • John asks: Is the necessary gimmick something I would likely already have amongst my many gimmicked coins? In other words if I wanted to do this with ben franklin or walking liberty coins do I need something unique?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If I say turtle, does that answer your question?
  • Gene asks: The routine that Avi does in this video, the one he impressed Wayne Houchin with, are we taught it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, that is what you are taught.
  • Cody asks: So I pre ordered the Morgan replica set, can you perform the routine with what's included? Says you need a 5th that's not included?

    • 1. Wayne answers: Yes, you can perform it with everything included in the Morgan set
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  • Roger asks: How well does it work with Dollar Coins? I am using Morgan coins as they look showy.

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    • Keith asks: When is this being shipped out? Last I saw was the 11th but I'm hoping for an update.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As soon as we get an update, it will be added to your shipping/tracking information. Sorry for the delay.
    • Brian asks: It is still not clear how many Morgan coins are included. I want to perform the quick matrix shown in the video. The responses say everything is provided, but reviews say there are only four Morgan coins. Does the needed gimmick come with the Morgan set?

      • 1. Jim answers: You get four coins and one gimmick in the Morgan version. More info from the FAQ: Q: Why Morgan version only comes with 4 coins and not 5? A: We wanted to keep the price as affordable as possible therefore we were only able to include 4 coins and the gimmick with the package. Q: The Morgan doesn't come with a coin case? A: Coin Case is only available for Quarter & Half Dollar.
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    • Donald asks: Hi If the Morgan option is purchased, can the effect be used with other coins, such as half dollars or quarters, as well? I assume so but i needed to ask. Thanks !!! Don

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can, but you'll need to have the special something that in a half-dollar size as well. You might find you already own it though.
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