Invisible Aqua Playing Cards

Deck of cards by MPC
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Invisible Aqua Playing Cards

19.50 usd

Deck of cards by MPC (19.50)

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This is the first of its kind and nothing like you've ever seen before. Under the popular MPC Impressions playing cards series, which has seen huge success on our previous decks, we bring to you yet another astounding and ground-breaking deck of playing cards which we are calling it the AQUA deck.


The AQUA Playing Cards really is the closest thing to an invisible deck of cards which you can still physically hold. It is the latest addition to our popular Impressions playing card series by MakePlayingCards (MPC), a branded playing cards and card games manufacturer with over 35 years history.

The AQUA deck is made using a very smart arrangement of state of the art printing and production machinery which together, can produce amazing results. We use premium transparent plastic card stock which we then apply high-gloss transparent print with pinpoint accuracy, to certain areas of the playing cards to produce a sleek raised gloss embossed effect. The cards are then completed with a finishing that enables the cards to glide seamlessly for fans and springs and perform as you'd expect a high quality deck of playing cards to perform. Cutting the cards is no problem either as we use our MPC state of the art cutter to ensure the edges are angled for cutting into. The thickness of the deck is pretty much like a standard deck of cards.

The finishing used on this deck is unique. Most plastic playing cannot perform like a normal deck of cards in that they stick together in clumps. Not the Aqua deck as it was designed for performing with so you can make beautiful fans easily.


We designed the deck of cards to be completely transparent so what's better than a matching transparent plastic tuck box? We tried several different types of tuck boxes as we wanted the packaging to complement these beautiful and very unique playing cards. We decided on using a frosted transparent plastic box material and applied different densities of high gloss printing to it. The result was stunning. There is no other word for it.


The Aqua deck is a very versatile deck of cards which was conceptualized a few years back. Aesthetically, it is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing so it's first off a collectors deck and it's going to amaze anyone who sets their eyes on them. It can definitely be played with. Play any card games with the Aqua deck like you would do with any other deck of playing cards albeit with a fun see-through twist to it.

AQUA deck fan


The Aqua deck was designed and specially developed to be used for shuffling, springing, faroing, fanning, cutting etc so they can be used seamlessly for performing with such as magic tricks in close up card magic. Transparent cards are used quite often now to bring a new dimension into card magic. Now with the Aqua deck, you can design more card tricks to wow your friends, family or audience.


Yes, the Aqua deck is made from premium quality transparent plastic card material with flexible high gloss printing so it can be bent without any issues whatsoever.


Yes, since this deck of cards is made from plastic, even the box, you can dump the complete deck into a tank of water, drop it in the toilet, throw a drink at it, throw the entire deck into a swimming pool or a pond, and it will still be fine.

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Customer reviews for Invisible Aqua Playing Cards



The Invisible Aqua Playing Cards are a great tool for magic tricks! The cards are well made, durable, and the transparency adds an extra layer of mystery to your performances. The cards are easy to handle and shuffle, making them perfect for both professional magicians and hobbyists. I highly recommend these cards for anyone looking to up their magic game, especially in summer ;)

VI Monthly


Very pretty cards with a very successful print, we can see the pips in relief by transparency. A collector for those who makes collections. The touch is pleasant. With a little spectator management, I think it's possible that they might replace the omni deck even without the white outline of the cards. You can also use a single card for a color change effect with another deck.



This is quite a unique deck in that the cards are not only pure plastic, but they are fully transparent. To answer an immediate question: yes, this does mean you can see the suit and value of the card no matter where you look at it from, making this deck basically worthless as a playable deck. The plastic is also what you would expect: low handling and "sticky/tacky" when it comes to fans and spreads. This said, it is what I said at the beginning: unique. I would still rate this as a good deck overall from a collection standpoint and as a definite talking point/cool factor. Many of my friends who have no interest in cards whatsoever, have mentioned this deck by name after having seen it.


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