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Mortalis Playing Cards - magic
Mortalis Playing Cards Mortalis Playing Cards Mortalis Playing Cards Mortalis Playing Cards Mortalis Playing Cards Mortalis Playing Cards

The limited edition Mortalis Playing Cards are an incredible marked deck of cards designed by Christofer Lacoste, the famed designer of Mint Playing Cards. The marking system on these cards is so deceptive, it hides in plain sight in front of spectators and even magicians. Essentially, the closer you look, the harder it is to see.

But what about when you perform?

After watching the included marking system tutorial, you’ll be able to identify a card’s suit and value in under two seconds. If you can read a clock, you can unlock the secrets to Mortalis Playing Cards.

This is the perfect deck of cards for close-up magic.

In addition to the innovative optical marking system, the Mortalis Playing Cards are printed by the USPCC on premium, traditional-cut stock with an embossed Air-Cushion finish to ensure perfect shuffling and handling.

With completely custom court cards built from scratch, this deck of cards has an incredibly unique feel that will make you proud to add them to your playing card collection.

To enhance your card magic, every deck of Mortalis Playing Cards also comes with a double-backer and duplicate card.

You’re going to want the limited edition Mortalis Playing Cards to be your everyday carry. However, only 2000 decks were ever printed. So, make sure you pick up a few decks today before they’re gone forever!

Designed by: Pravar Jain
Limited to: 2000
Card stock: Crushed
Card finish: Air Cushoned
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: No

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Customer reviews for Mortalis Playing Cards



Excellent deck, great back design, also there are no borders on the face of these cards, this is great for doing a reverse fan, as you also get a double backer too, and a duplicate card, which is worth having too, its also a great deck to handle,
Im still trying to workout the marking system, im getting there.



A great deck, great to handle, great back design, great for doing a farrow shuffle too, it comes with a double backer, and a duplicate card, no borders on the faces, which is great for doing a reverse fan. you get seven pages of a downoad pdf file of instructions, on how the marking system works, which is easy to understand, and very well explained,
Inluding diagrams of the system,
and once you no how the marking system works, its great, just a bit of practice on knowing what to look for, all in all a great deck.



Awesome deck if cards. Learned to read them within a few minutes.

Mortalis Playing Cards by Pravar Jain