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Airplane Mode

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Trick by Twister Magic ($70.00)

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Airplane Mode - magic
Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane Mode Airplane Mode

"A First Class Act" David Copperfield

After completely selling out at the Blackpool Magic Convention, George Iglesias and Twister Magic are thrilled to introduce Airplane Mode.

This incredibly powerful and entertaining multi-phase mentalism routine packs flat and plays huge for audiences of all sizes. It's jam-packed with a variety of hilarious moments and uses ordinary looking props to create an unforgettable experience. You won't believe how easy this routine is to do!

Airplane Mode starts by inviting your spectator to join you on an dream vacation using their imagination. You then mention how, despite the fact it's right in front of us and contains life-saving information, nobody ever reads the emergency card when flying on a plane.

As this information is very important, you them an emergency card. They're invited to read it, but will most likely not. You then allow them to select a random boarding pass from a variety of different boarding passes with different tourist destinations, boarding groups and seat numbers.

The journey then begins with an announcement from the pilot. You invite the spectator to buckle up, close their eyes and relax. But, then, a baby starts crying in the back. To help them relax, you offer them a list of in-flight drinks to choose from.

You then introduce a tray with a bag and invite your spectator to name out loud the drink they'd like (i.e. Whiskey). However, when you lift the paper bag, there is only an orange juice box under it.

Nonetheless, you move on and invite the spectator to take the airplane magazine and secretly choose a movie to watch. As they focus on the film, main actor and soundtrack, you're able to read the spectator's mind revealing each item one by one. Even better, you're then able to guess their exact seat number, their boarding group, and the ultimate destination.

You then pose a question. Do we write our own destiny or is it already written for us?

Remember the emergency card you handed out at the beginning? While the spectator might have glanced at it, upon closer inspection, they'll see that it actually features drawings of everything that just happened throughout the routine. All the "free choices" are now printed on the card which, as an extra surprise, can then be opened into a giant poster.

But wait, it's not over yet!

What about the orange juice? Well, don't worry, you can fix that. You lift the box to show it was actually just a shell covering up a whiskey glass since the beginning of the act. A kicker ending they'll never see coming!

Each Airplane Mode set comes with:

  • 1 special airplane emergency card
  • A special set of 30 boarding passes
  • 1 Airplane movie magazine
  • 1 Airplane drinks list
  • 1 Orange juice box (for a kicker ending)
  • Online instructions

Customer reviews for Airplane Mode



As I removed this prop from the shipping envelope I was very impressed by its professional packaging. Next, I opened the package up and found each component individually wrapped and sealed. Further, each item was durable and good-looking. This is first-class gear all the way around.
Then I noticed that all instructions/directions are online ONLY. I appreciate the written word where you can pause reading without having to use your hands. Printed instructions are durable, too, in that you will always have them, unlike a web address that can be here today and gone tomorrow. This was a disappointment to me.
The video tutorial is over thirty minutes long and it is INTERMINABLE! Originator George Iglesias has packed five minutes of information and detail into a thirty-seven minute 'fingernails-on-the-blackboard' exercise in performers' patience. He sincerely wants to credit those concepts are used in 'Airplane Mode,' but he somehow omits Larry Becker who, I believe, deserves MUCH credit for the methods of this routine.
The price is right, the concept is excellent, the props are first-rate, but online instructions only is a negative and his over-long, self-indulgent video is close to unbearable.




This is a multi phased effect with a story interweaved throughout the routine.

The spectator is given an emergency card and the spectator reads it. The spectator selects at random a secret destination from a deck of boarding cards. The spectator selects a drink from a list available. You lift a paper bag to reveal … a carton of orange juice and the “prediction’ appears to have failed. You hand the spectator an airplane magazine and the spectator chooses a movie to watch on the journey.

You are then able to:
Reveal the movie the spectator chose, the number of his airplane seat and finally the destination of the flight.
Kicker - The emergency card has subliminal messages and images of all the choices the spectator made.
Final kicker - The OJ carton is lifted and the chosen drink appears.

Fantastic storyline and routine.
Wonderful quality props.
Clear, detailed instructions
Easy routine to do.

Only suitable for stage or large parlour.



This is a really fun and easy effect that can really entertain. You can intertwine some really funny airline gags into this. Juts a beautiful piece of mentalism with very sturdy and professionally done props. Great effect and it's going right into my act.



This product is accurate in its description. The props are high quality and gets a great reaction.



This is one of my best purchases as a magician.

A full routine with practically all the props needed, which packs flat, entertains and then amazes the audience for approximately ten minutes.

And the price is a steal.



This routine is wonderful. Has multiple moments of magic (revelations) and an ending that creates an nice gifting opportunity for your volunteer. Materials are well produced and last. This is one of those effects that truly packs small and plays big. Would highly recommend.


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  • Owen asks: Do we need to buy the drinks ourselves for the trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Sidney asks: Are there more than one outcome possible?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Since this is a question mainly related the method, we won't discuss it here. Write us privately at for such.
  • Gary asks: Are there any special skills required?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need to study, practice and rehearse, but no special skills are needed beyond that.
  • Thomas asks: Is it possible to perform the trick in any language? Especially the poster reveal?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It’s possible but you need to make the gimmick by yourself as the gimmick comes in English at this moment
  • Danny asks: Can this be performed on Zoom?

    • 1. Tony answers: Yes! it's possible to perform on Zoom
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  • Richard asks: Are the boarding passes all from foreign countries or are they for US cities?

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    • Tim asks: Hi - with the original release, there was an issue with some typing errors on the handout. Have these been rectified? Thanks :-)

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