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Al Koran's Professional Presentations - magic

Al Koran only published a few books, but  this one is our favourite. It was penned by Hugh Miller in 1967 and contains what we think is Al Koran's best work.

Al Koran was a mentalist and magician who received considerable fame in his time and this book contains a great insight into the material that he performed. Of the 17 effects in this book, some classics that you'll definitely want to check out are:

The Gold Medallion: one of Koran's most famous pieces. The Koran Medallion is a mentalism classic!

Princess Card Trick: not the Princess Card Trick that you might be thinking of. Here the performer manages to find 10 selected cards.

Ring On Stick: a borrowed ring penetrates a wooden stick, even while two participants hold onto each end.

Birthday Card Trick – the performer guesses birthdates of audience members. What a great, clear effect.

Note Under Cup - our favorite Koran effect. You allow someone to secretly place a crumpled up bill under any of three upturned cups and you manage to identify which cup the bill is under every single time.

Contents of Al Koran's Professional Presentations

  • The Gold Medallion
  • Ring On Stick
  • Birthday Card Trick
  • The Torn Centre
  • Book Test
  • Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper
  • Black Magic
  • Encore Card Stab
  • The Si Stebbins Set-Up
  • Doodles
  • Princess Card Trick...Plus
  • Nap Hand Deal
  • Double Thought
  • Card Prediction
  • Sure Fire Force
  • The Flying Ring
  • The Pendulum Tells
  • Double Deal
  • False Shuffle
  • Note Under Cup

The original publication was marred by poor photographic reproduction so this new edition from Martin Breese has illustrations by Paul Griffin based on the original photographs. Also, exclusively in this edition, Hugh Miller has contributed a fascinating and lengthy introduction which explains a great deal about the background of this book.


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Al Koran's Professional Presentations by Hugh Miller