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Masterclass by Blake Vogt
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Blake Vogt Masterclass

75.00 usd

Masterclass by Blake Vogt (75.00)

An incredible more than 5-hour download from one of the most creative magicians in the world. Blake Vogt has designed illusions for David Copperfield, David Blaine, Dan White and many other world renowned magicians. Now you can step into his world for an exclusive look at his one-of-a-kind approach to creating magic tricks.

Blake is a master of both close-up magic and stage and parlor magic. In this Masterclass, he not only shares material for both venues by highlights how he problem solves within the constraints of any particular show. You'll also get an in-depth look at how he develops the material that goes into his own touring show.

Both card and non-card material are taught. No significant advanced knowledge is required either. This insightful and fun download is bound to get your creativity stirring and inspire you to go out and create your own magic.

The "Blake Vogt Masterclass" is broken up into three separate downloads. Each one was recorded live for Vanishing Inc. Monthly subscribers and included approximately 1-hour of lecturing followed by an focused Q&A session.

Part 1

  • Envelock
  • Fold Flat Card Box
  • Multiple Outs
  • Instant Origami T-Shirt
  • Magic consulting for magicians and movies.

Part 2

  • How to split cards (one of the easiest ways to split a card you'll ever see)
  • How to glue cards.
  • A previously-unreleased new gimmick: "The Collapsing Card"
  • Bill splitting basic technique
  • How to invent your own gimmicks

Part 3

  • Super Glued Fingers
  • Portable Production Box
  • How to walk through a playing card.
  • Rubber Band Thru Hand
  • Blake’s creative process for inventing new magic and illusions.

A special bonus Zoom Q&A recording, as well as accompanying PDFs for the Masterclass material is included with your download.


Customer reviews for Blake Vogt Masterclass

VI Monthly


If you like gimmicks and you are a DIYer, this is your Masterclass! Blake Vogt not only shows you how to make some great multiple out gimmicks, he also gives you printable PDF Templates for you to construct them yourself. Considering the cost of buying those gimmicks already made, this Masterclass is a great value!



Very useful utility device, that you can do yourself!

VI Monthly


Blake seems to be such a likable chap! I was shown Envelock a few years ago and was impressed then by Blake's creativity. I definitely will be using his multiple-out fold and the origami T-shirt! What a gem this session has been -- great Q&A session.





Its amazing to see how a true genius in the field and so young and humble thinks .His creative process and Blake hides nothing that he thinks would help you improve your magic. And together with Danny what more can you ask for on how to think magic with a freind!!! A1

VI Monthly




Top notch! An in-depth art class packed with utilities and gimmicks. Blake's building prowess is on full display. A must for any maker. The 'car jam' is what it's all about. Get the juices flowing.



This was my first Masterclass, and I'm so glad I subscribed! Blake's Masterclass was super informative, interesting, and full of solid material. Plus, a surprise guest! I was only able to watch one of the three classes live, and I also missed the live Zoom call on week four -- and that's my only complaint: I wish I'd been able to take part in that Zoom call, too. So, if the only negative was my own schedule, I'd say that's a pretty positive review. This Masterclass is definitely worth it, and I really dig the format, so I also recommend the Masterclass series as a whole.



Amazing!! He goes in Ultimate detail on amazing tricks made by him. If you were to buy these tricks alone they would be well over $75. Wow vanishing Inc. BEST lecture ever!



Blake’s Masterclass was great on so many levels! He teaches some great tricks, but more importantly, he teaches you the fundamentals for building your own gimmicks and how he thinks about making new magic. These lessons don’t just add tricks to your repertoire; they help you think about how to be more creative, more resourceful, and be a better magician.



This Masterclass was awesome, Blake's energy and sheer enjoyment of his craft shine through and make the lessons something to look forward to watching and then creating! Absolutely can't recommend this series enough, bummed I missed Luke Jermay, definitely won't miss another month- David Williams is next, going to be Amazing I'm sure!



When it comes to creativity Blake is at the top of his game.

He has created some of the best working gimmicks out their.

When I saw he was going to be lecturing although I can split money cards and make those sorts of gimmicks I knew it was a lecture to watch to buy it and it didn’t disappoint. Vanishing Inc and the team are producing a quality product for people to get close and personal with greats in magic. And in the first 3 weeks we learn so much and they made sure we got everything we needed to even if it meant time over ran.

In the final week we got to chat over with Blake things and if people need to ask any question everyone got a chance to.

We even got 2 treats one was Daniel Garcia Surprise appearance and the other was being part of a creative process.

Don’t just think about Masterclass sign up today you won’t regret it.



In this specific masterclass Blake Vogt brought his upbeat personality along with his brilliant constructive rubber cement fumed mind to display his love for gimmick constructing and working with others to create beautiful and visual art while simultaneously teaching you the ins and outs of everything along the way.

This is my 2nd Masterclass and between the tight, interactive, and loving community and the people leading the series through-and-through, this makes for a fantastic short-series.

But honestly, just save a few bucks in the long run and just get the subscription. In the subscription, is where you truly join a community and if you take advantage of it, could make you some friends with thoughtful insight on anything thats been on your mind along the way.



Awesome super nice guy. Awesome content, teachings, craft, card splitting and gaff building, jam session ideas, theory, etc. can’t say enough. $50 for 4.5 hours of teaching and q&a’s plus another 90 minute one on one q&a? STEAL!!! $75 would even be a steal for one time purchase. Definitely check out Blake’s Master Class ASAP!!! Thank you Vanishing and Blake!!!



A big part of magic is creating and creativity. So of course there needs to be a Masterclass on that. Cue Blake Vogt.

This Masterclass teaches a lot about gimmick making, for example some very detailed tips on card splitting. I had never done that before, and I immediately was able to split cards and make my first gimmicked card. And it was a lot of fun to do!

Of course Blake has his card splitting videos, which you can also get at Vanishing. But this Masterclass doesn't stop with gimmicked cards.

Besides the other tricks Blake teaches, you really get a peek behind the curtains on how Blake Vogt creates new tricks, for example Blake Vogt brainstorming with a friend. Which you get to see happing right in front of you, like an episode of 'Magicans in cars getting coffee'.

I think this Masterclass has something for everyone, whether you're a new magician or a mentalist for years (or the other way around). But especially if you want to learn more about creating tricks or need an inspiration boost.

You might want and or need to buy some things for the gimmick making. But Blake even goed into details what to buy. And let's not forget, you will get a bunch of pdf templates in your account.

For me, this was fun, educational and inspiring! I will definitely go back and watch it again.



This is an amazing lecture that will definitely inspire you to create other stuff. It's also a great starting point if you want to try building gimmicks and gaffs. I will go over the specific materials:

Envelock: This utility allows you to load any thin object into a tightly sealed envelope. Blake uses this utility to basically perform thought of card to envelope style trick. It's very clever and clean, but you have to be really natural for this. He already put out a download for this trick/utility at $34 and with other materials, it's steal. 8/10

Fold flat card box: This box isn't really a trick, but a way to make your card box so it folds flat, and last much longer. You can also secretly store extra cards. 6/10

Multiple Out: This is probably the highlight of this lecture for me. It's a multiple out system. And he also already released this as a product. I will leave the rest to your imagination. 9.5/10

Instant origami t shirt: you turn a borrowed dollar into a origami t shirt. Very cute. I won't be performing this, but it's a great trick for a casual environment. 5/10

Card splitting & assembly: Blake is probably the best teacher when it comes to card splitting technique. He also quickly goes over making double index cards and Hofzinser card. 9/10

Bill splitting: it's not as detailed teaching as the card splitting section, but it will give you the basic techniques. 8/10

The collapsing card: He uses this gimmick to perform this routine: spectator thinks of a card in a spread, the spread visually turns to a single card spectator thought of. Very visual. I think this works amazing over Zoom. But im sure you can use this gimmick for other tricks. Probably the hardest gimmick to make in this lecture, but worth it if it's something you like. 8/10

Super glued fingers: I love this. You put super glue on both thumbs and index of your left and right hand, then penetrate them into each other. One downside is that you will end with super glue stick to your thumb and index but totally worth it. Suitable for party situation. I did this the day before I took my first SAT, don't do that!!! 9/10

Portable product box/production card box: this will be great for comedy performers. You can basically produce thin objects from a box. I actually haven't tried this yet. 6/10

Rubber band thru hand: Blake's version of Dan hauss's rubber thru hand. Very visual and clean. 8/10

Theory/discussion about consulting/jam with a special guest: real highlight of the lecture. I won't spoil much, but I can guarantee it's amazing. He and the secret guest gives you a lot of small ideas.

Overall a great Masterclass, but it really depends a lot on your style. I still think you can definitely learn thing or two even if you don't like building gimmicks. Amazing experience!!!

VI Monthly


Fantastic and a must-watch to discover your creativity in creating your own gimmicks! After watching this Masterclass, not only do you come away with a bunch of tricks and gimmicks with the skills to create them for yourself, but you get a rare glimpse into the mind of a creative genius and the process of inventing effects of your own. Some things money can't buy, like the confidence to just go out and try creating and pitching an idea for yourself... but this is as close as it gets to putting inspiration in a can! Blakes friendly, flowing and genuine commitment to the class to help everyone is easy to see and he doesn't hold back. You'll certainly enjoy this one!! *****



The entire Masterclass Live Subscription has been great. Blake Vogt's series of lectures was the best in my opinion as the material has changed the way I look at Magic and creating. I really like the format of the lectures and extra material that is handed out. Then the follow up Zoom meeting allows for an informal get together to discuss additional questions. I look forward to this each week and I will have material to work on for the rest of my life.

VI Monthly


Magicians aren't strangers to shelling out $50 for a single trick that might never get performed and crumbles to dust in a junk drawer. In contrast, Blake Vogt's masterclass was probably the best $50 I've ever spent for magic. I've been splitting cards (badly) for years maybe getting one arguably successful split in four tries, and literally the first time I tried Blake's method I got the best split I'd ever done. That alone was worth the price. But add to that the multiple utility methods taught, his insights and experience on the creative process, the real-time feedback and answering of questions, the live jam with a special guest star VIA A CELL PHONE IN A CAR when the WiFi was dodgy, and the ability to pick his brain live and one-on-one on a specific trick I was working on, and honestly it's a no-brainer. SO glad I was a part of this! (Plus, he's just a super-nice guy!)



This series of masterclasses were incredible. Blake gave so much detail and explanation! Along with that, the Vanishing Inc. Team did an incredible job with their service. At one point there were some tech issues, and the Vanishing Inc. Team handled it perfectly, and ended up giving us even more than we thought we were getting! Thanks Blake and Vanishing Inc!

VI Monthly


This is my first time watching a Masterclass so I do not have any other to compare it to. I can still compare it to my experience of watching other interviews/tutorials and in that regard I can really understand the value. If you want to follow along in the first part, you may consider buying some rubber cement before watching.I was a little afraid that the "chatt" part at the end would just be "fluff" but it turned out to be great.


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  • Jack asks: Hi there! Is this workshop $75 or $50 bucks a month? It looks like it only runs for 3 weeks? Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you subscribe for three months, it is $50 per month. If you only want a single month, it is $75. There are three masterclasses per month, and a 90 minute in depth Q&A session on the fourth Sunday.
  • Adam asks: If you can’t attend live, do you still get a digital copy for download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you will get a download after the event which you can watch anytime.
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    • 3. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Look for this link under the green button: Or purchase this lecture only for $75.00
    • 1. Damian answers: You click the text below the button that says: "Or purchase this lecture only for $75.00"
    • 2. Troy answers: There’s still no link to be able to purchase just the single MasterClass. I think everyone agrees the only option we are seeing is to sign up for the subscription based option. Please clearly clarify how we can sign up for just this ONE MasterClass. The explanations before still have customers confused.
  • Peter asks: to purchase this it 75.00 for all three weeks or is it 75.00 per week....

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is 75 for all four weeks.
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  • Daniel asks: Can past master classes be purchased? What happens if I join now ( in the middle of the Voight masterclass, do I get access to the class I missed?

    • 1. Daniel answers: Ok. And can past masterclasses be purchased?
    • 2. Brice answers: Yes you do.
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