CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag

Trick by Dominique Duvivier
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CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag

85.00 usd

Trick by Dominique Duvivier (85.00)

In stock.
CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag - magic
CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag

The innovative effect used to fool Penn & Teller is now available with 2 decks of the incredible, Jerry's Nugget Modern Feel decks of cards(featuring all new manufacturing on Bicycle quality card stock by the USPCC).

Cards in Bag is a super powerful, yet devilishly easy to perform, effect with endless possibilities. Kept secret for more than 40 years, this revolutionary concept is perfect for every performer from professional magicians to hobbyists.

This is an incredible triumph-style card magic routine on steroids that requires NO SLEIGHT OF HAND!

Imagine this, a deck of cards is fairly mixed in all possible directions by both the spectator and magician. Some of the cards are face down, and some are face up. Yet, you're able to perform incredible revelations like:

  • Predicting cards
  • Finding the four Aces or another four-of-a-kind
  • Revealing a freely selected card

"It's an extreme rarity when an entirely new effect is created and it's equally rare when an entirely new method is created. C.I.B. combines both of these. It is not only a startling new and ingenious effect but it also introduces an incredibly clever and utterly original method. This miracle is one of the great things to come along in the last 20 years." Bill Kalush

Each CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag comes with:

  • 2 brand new Jerry's Nugget Decks of Cards (Modern Feel)
  • A superior quality cloth performance bag
  • Instructions with a variety of different handlings
  • Bonus method from Christian Engblom
  • Extra tips and techniques

"Duvivier puts in your hands, not just a fantastic triumph, but a potent weapon that is sure to improve many of your existing routines as well." Dani DaOrtiz

"The great Dominique Duvivier first showed me "CIB" back in 2002, in Madrid. I was more than fooled! The truth is the impossibility of this miracle haunted me for years. I simply had no explanation. It was MAGIC. And it is MAGIC!" Christian Engblom

"(...) Dominique performed CIB to me at Le Double Fond years ago. (...) I didn't understand how it was done at the time (...). Recently, Dominique gave me one (it was my birthday), and I was in complete shock!" Gaëtan Bloom

"The fantastic routine CIB is another diabolical classic from the mind of Dominique Duvivier. The routine has it all. It's practical, self-contained. It's easy to do and it fools everyone... including Penn & Teller. Perhaps the best part is that is an extremely unusual plot that makes it stand out in any show. You will use this masterpiece for years to come!" Bob Kohler

NOTE: The included Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards have a RED back.


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Community questions about CIB: Jerry's Nugget Cards In Bag

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  • Jeffrey S asks: What’s the difference between this and the original CIB from Dominique? I have that but is this different in some way.

    • 1. James answers: This one is made with Jerry's Nugget cards.
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  • Charles asks: Last year I bought CIB ... and just couldn't do it properly, so I have never performed it. Now you advertise it as needng NO SLEIGHTS. Is it the addition of Jerry's Nugget Cards that makes it so? I have no idea what they are or do, and I don't suppose I can buy them separately. But I know CIB is an awesome trick and even though I have the original, if Jerry's cards makes it possible for me to do the trick, I would certainly consider spending $85 to buy the new version.

    • 1. Tony answers: It's the same as the original one so if you can't do the trick properly with the original version I don't think you can with this one. Please email to Vanishing and they will be happy to help if you have the problem with the original version
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  • Daniel asks: Is this a beginner level trick?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's not too hard but I don't think it's suitable for a beginner
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