Cotton Rope 50' (White)

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Cotton Rope 50' (White) - magic

Rope magic is fantastic, but it's extremely hard to find great rope. This is it folks! High-quality rope for your Cut and Restored or other rope routines. Mr. Magic Cotton Rope is the perfect solution!

  • 50 feet (15.24 meters) of cotton rope
  • Easy to cut
  • Includes detailed instructions on Cut and Restored rope routine so you can get started practicing right away.

Customer reviews for Cotton Rope 50' (White)



This is a quality item. I have tried finding my own rope at local hobby stores and nothing works as well as this rope when performing magic.



April 5, 2020
I go through a lot of rope - about six feet per show. For years, I've been purchasing 300' spools of 3/8 inch, bright white rope from Denny & Lee. That source is now gone, so I'm on a search for a new supplier. Last week, I purchased five separate rope products from Vanishing Inc Magic. I often find that retailers don't provide the information I want to know about their rope products. Granted, they are likely providing whatever specs the manufacturer provides. Thus, I am writing reviews for the five products I have purchased and hope that you find them helpful.

Cost: 24 cents per foot ($12.00 for 50 ft)
Color: dull white
Thickness: 7/16 inch - with the core intact (1/16 inch wider than 3/8 inch)
Core: yes - 12 threads
Feel: spongy and limp with the core in place / hollow and extremely limp with the core removed
Other: This a tightly woven rope with a core of 12 individual threads. It is the core which gives the rope its spongy-like feel. The rope also has a very slight bumpy appearance, not quite as pronounced as the Pyramid Gold Magic brand of rope I reviewed. If you remove the core, you are left with a very limp rope with a hollow center into which a 5/16 inch Bic pen can easily be inserted.



It seems this product is getting mixed reviews. For my purposes I found the rope to be sufficient and good value for money. I am no rope magic wizard, so perhaps my review does not carry that much weight. However for doing a few standard rope tricks it works pretty well in my books.



This rope is serviceable and OK in a pinch. The price is reasonable for what you get. However, I will not be using it or purchasing it again. I prefer a rope with a little more weight and stiffness. In my hands this rope feels limp, Also, it frays easily.


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