Cups and Balls (Aluminum)

Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc.
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Cups and Balls (Aluminum)

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Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. ($25.00)

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Cups and Balls (Aluminum) - magic
Cups and Balls (Aluminum) Cups and Balls (Aluminum) Cups and Balls (Aluminum) Cups and Balls (Aluminum) Cups and Balls (Aluminum)

A professional quality set at a beginner level price! This is the perfect Cups and Balls set for any magician from beginner magicians to seasoned workers.

As one of the oldest magic tricks in the book, the Cups and Balls is essentially a rite of passage for all magicians. That's why Murphy's Magic is thrilled to introduce an incredible, high-quality aluminum Cups and Balls set that anyone can afford!

These cups are 50% heavier than competitors and come complete with professional quality hand-knitted balls. You're going to love how these cups look and feel, and won't believe how such an amazing set can cost so little.


  • Polished aluminum
  • 50% heavier than most other comparable sets
  • "Squatty" design and wide mouth for larger final loads
  • Red hand-knitted balls
  • Online tutorial

Customer reviews for Cups and Balls (Aluminum)



I don't have a lot of knowledge about cups and balls sets, but this one works great for me. It is my first professional one, and the sizes are great. My routine ends with potatos, and I haven't tried loading other things, but they are a great size for that. The balls feel really nice to palm and load. The tutorial is great, it teaches loads of things to do with cups and balls. Great set of cups and balls, great instructions, highly recommend



The aluminum cups are absolutely perfect for my needs. The cups look good, do not always have to be cleaned after every performance (like copper), are light in weight but enough to handle safely, and taadaaaa, ..a tennis balls also fits easily under the cup (which is not always the case with with cheap providers of cups (for ex.from India) ...a real recommendation for the it



I am so amazed at the quality of this set given the price point it comes at. I have a nice set of Legends cups but don't like to practice with them (they cost a fortune), and bought this set to play around with. But wow, I really like it. It stacks well (with marginal not even worth mentioning wobble), and its a good weight. The Legends set is a bit on the heavy side and I actually prefer performing with this set. The balls are also really nicely made, usually with these economical sets the balls can be not so great. Not in this case. I can highly recommend this set. Well made!!



For the price of $25 dollars, I think that this is a pretty decent set of cups definitely great for any beginner. There is a slight wobble when the cups are nested together so if you're nitpicky about the nesting its something to consider. The cups would fit a regulation-size tennis ball a bit too snugly so you would have to find final loads that are slightly smaller than a regulation-size tennis ball (Perhaps a medium-sized lemon or 2 3/8" balls might work). I can't comment on the "50% heavier claim" as I do not own other sets of aluminum cups but they are fairly lightweight as expected from the material used.

The crochet balls that come in this set are nicely weighted and they are 1 inch in diameter. there's not much I can talk about it.

So for anyone looking to buy this to get started on the cups and balls this a fairly inexpensive set to try your hands at it! Now you don't have an excuse to not do one of the classics in magic, who knows if you enjoy performing the cups and balls you'll be on your way to getting the more expensive cups.


Community questions about Cups and Balls (Aluminum)

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  • Wojciech asks: Are there a m****** on balls?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No
  • Scott asks: What are the dimensions of the cups?

    • 1. James answers: I don't have the exact dimensions of the cups, but here is the measurements of the cups in their packaging, on the chance that you find this useful: 6.0 x 3.3 x 3.3 inches (this represents the three cups stacked together inside the box).
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  • Scott asks: Can you find a ruler and measure the mouth opening and height of a cup so I would know the load capacity?

    • 1. Benjamin answers: The interior diameter is 7cm and the internal height is roughly 7.5cm
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  • Kar Wee asks: How many of the balls does the set come with? And where could one get more if need?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive 4 balls with the set. You can always get replacement balls here
  • Suman asks: Does the bottom of the cup able to hold three bals on it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes
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