Gypsy Yo-Yo

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Gypsy Yo-Yo

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Trick by David Levitan ($45.00)

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Gypsy Yo-Yo - magic

What do you get when a Duncan Yo-Yo meets the classic Gypsy Thread? The Gypsy Yo-Yo, of course! If you do kid shows, comedy magic, close-up, emcee work, or a platform act, here's an organic prop that will resonate with any audience.

Invented by professional magician David Levitan, and audience tested by him for more than a year, he's tweaked and retweaked everything, from the thickness of the thread, to the secret of where the gimmick is hidden. It's all been worked out.

Here's the effect: You show a real Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo. After making it go up and down several times, you explain to your audience that, as a kid, the string was always far too long and the yo-yo would always hit the ground. Trying to adjust the length, you break off a small piece. This is repeated several times until the yo-yo is dangling from a string just a few inches long.

The pieces are rolled into a ball and added to the dangling string. Then, in the tradition of the classic Gypsy Thread, the very end of the string is slowly pulled. Your audience will oooh and ahhhh as the ball unravels, magically restoring the yo-yo string. Of course, if you wish, you can wind the string around the yo-yo and once again make it rise and fall, up and down.

The gimmick is custom-built inside a real yo-yo. But your audience will never see it, even when you show them a side view of the yo-yo where they are looking between the two discs! At AmazeKids and Vanishing Inc., we were delightfully surprised at the cleverness of the gimmick and simplicity of the method. We think you'll love it too. So many different types of scripts can be created around this effect because the yo-yo has been part of our culture for such a long time and offers the delightful metaphor of life's "ups and downs." We feel it's destined to be a classic for many years.

Practical. Visual. Organic. Get Gypsy Yo-Yo and get your Yo on today!

  • Custom-built.
  • Resets in less than 30 seconds.
  • Visually stunning.
DVD Features:
  • Introduction
  • Performance
  • Explanation
  • Props
  • Set up
  • Optional Opening
  • Optional Handling
How much fun is this. Anyone can start doing Gypsy YO-YO right away. It doesn't look like a prop. Extremely visual restoration. Nothing to hide. Quick reset. Everyone gets it. This is a really good. Really good. Really.Bob Sheets
Great idea! Practical! Adding the kid-friendly yo-yo to the Gypsy Thread now grounds the routine with an everyday object that kids - strike that - everybody -- can relate to! Danny Orleans
This is the BEST Gypsy Thread plot EVER. Justin Miller
Gypsy YO-YO brings meaning, relevance and excitement to a classic effect”. Rich Marotta
This is going straight into my show. I can get the Impact of gypsy thread with a prop that kids are totally familiar with. I have been a big fan of David Levitan’s magic for many years. We are lucky to get a glimpse of his solid magic thinking. David Kaye (a.k.a. Silly Billy)
Dave Levitan's GYPSY YO-YO is my new favorite trick! It's makes the trick more visible AND more logical. Like a yo-yo, life has its ups and down, but my shows will be going up with this routine!Robert Baxt
David Levitan has taken the iconic Gypsy Thread Trick, put a new spin on it and made it accessible for audiences of all ages. Seth Kramer
Dave Levitan’s yo-yo trick is a real winner! The moves can be learned quickly and easily and reset is a snap. I highly recommend this trick and I know it will become a staple in your magical arsenal! It has become a GO (YO) TO TRICK FOR ME!!!Magic Al Garber
This makes me want to start performing magic again. Lee Earle
That is just BRILLIANT. Ken Scott

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I love the Gypsy Thread effect so when I saw the Gypsy Yo-Yo effect I got really excited! The method and the effect are easy to do and simple. The only downfall of this effect is that you really can yo yo with it. You can co up and down but no tricks. Besides that it's great and people love it!