Juice Pop

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Juice Pop

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Trick by Scott Alexander ($250.00)

In stock - very few available.
Juice Pop - magic

A wonderfully innovative new take on the classic Spike Through Balloon from the creative mind of Scott Alexander. This super clever method is sure to fool even magicians that are familiar with the original routine!

Juice Pop is a remarkably fun and charming routine the will keep your audience thoroughly entertained with a delightful tale of how you used to create magic with everyday objects you found around the house.

To begin, you use an empty can to magically transform water into orange juice. Then, with this same can, and a nail from your dad's tool box, you are able to create the illusion that the nail completely penetrates a long balloon inflated through the can. Despite being skewered by the sharp and solid nail, the balloon simply does not pop.

But, Juice Pop doesn't end there!

The nail is removed and a twisty tube is placed through the nail hole. You then toast the audience and proceed to drink the glass of orange juice right through the balloon. The audience smiles in amazement as they see the liquid level in the glass get lower and lower, as the juice swirls through the straw. You then remove the straw and, as a grand climax, burst the balloon with the nail. This leads to an explosion of confetti that creates a surprising and dynamic ending.

Juice Pop is explained in precise detail in the included instructional video, including how to perform this in person or during your Zoom magic shows.


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  • Jared asks: The photo for this trick shows a big orange, a big straw, and a glass of orange juice. All very relatable items that seemed enticing. But it appears from the video that none of those things are involved in this trick -- true?

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Juice Pop by Scott Alexander