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Monkeyshines Volume 1

25.00 usd

Book by Doc Dixon ($19.00 - normally $25.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Monkeyshines Volume 1 - magic


Memory Aces
About ten cards are cut off the deck. The face card of the packet is shown and the packet is immediately tabled. This is done four times. The four packets have indifferent cards at their faces. When the packets are turned over, each indifferent card has changed into an ace. Incredibly clean and a magician fooler. Using a new sleight, the Dixon drop.

JHD Sandwich
An unknown card is sandwich amidst the aces. Another card is selected and signed. The unknown card is revealed to be the signed selection. The ace packet and the deck NEVER come into contact after the packet is first set down. There is no palming. In fact, when the selection goes to the aces you aren't even touching it. Possibly the cleanest version of this effect ever. Using a new sleight, the Dixon drop

Sally Rand
A hilarious, contorted, and beaten-up version of the Princess Card Trick that ends with a HUGE laugh. No skill required. It will instantly become a part of your comedy repertoire.

My First Coin Trick
A trick with a penny and a silver dollar I have been doing for over thirty years

The Tantalizer Lives!
Entertain while dealing 104 cards.


McCombical Redux
A touch on the McCombical Prediction

Al Baker? We're All Bakers!
An easy way to magically produce cake for the restaurant performer.


Double Duty - The Almost Ultimate Think Of A Card
A card is reversed in the middle of the deck. The cards are spread, one spectator looking at the side with the single reversed card. The other spectator looking at the other side free chooses one of the face-up cards. Magician divines both cards immediately without any fishing or pumping.

Deep & Meaningful Infatuation
You tell them what they are thinking and you tell them what they are feeling. A spectator selects a card and is asked to assign it an emotional meaning, much like tarot readers do. The performer not only divines the card identity, but divines in detail the emotional imagery.

Snack Food
A signed beer bottle vanishes and reappears inside a sealed can of Pringles®. Plus: Bottle Sock, a routine so old I was doing it when long white tube socks with blue stripes walked the land. An extra clean version of the vanishing beer bottle where the bag is tossed into the audience at the end of the routine ... and you don't lose $40 every time you do it.


A favorite son: the original self-resetting version of Unshuffled.

Doc's new book is a long-overdue treat for the magic community. There is certainly plenty of great close-up and stand-up magic throughout, but the Dixon Drop is one thing that should simply be in repertoire of every single magician that owns a deck of cards. Rick Maue, Deceptions Unlimited, Author of The Book of Haunted Magick

Pages 48 - Saddle Stitched


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