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No Props Needed

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No Props Needed - magic

Have you ever been caught without cards, coins, or props? This DVD will show you how to perform magic using only your body. Join world re-known magician James Coats, as he shows you ways to perform magic without props.

Featuring the never before seen five person, no gimmick, no prop levitation that can be viewed from all angles, is fully inspectable, and can be performed almost anywhere and with anyone!

Learn the following:

  • Pull off your finger and show it in your other hand. 
  • Magnetize a spectator's fingers so they stick together. 
  • Switch a spectator's right and left sides. 
  • Make a bird appear anywhere at anytime. 
  • Make an angel appear on the shoulder of a spectator. 
  • Make a spectator's arms go through the floor. 
  • Perform a 5 person levitation with no gimmicks and much much more!!!

Running Time Approximately 40min

Available as a DVD or Download


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No Props Needed by James Coats