P-Case (Parallel Case)

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P-Case (Parallel Case)

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Trick by Silver Wing and Carpenter Wong ($39.95)

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P-Case (Parallel Case) - magic
P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case) P-Case (Parallel Case)

Endless applications are possible with the versatile P-Case from Silver Wing & Carpenter Wong.

The P-Case forms a parallel space within a card box that gives you access to a parallel universe filled with a variety of new possibilities. While the potential of the P-Case is nearly limitless, here are 8 powerful routines you'll learn in the included online instruction video.

  • Appearing deck of cards
  • Vanishing card
  • Deck duplication or transformation into similar objects
  • 5 cards switch
  • Ripped & restored
  • Déjà vu
  • Card to case

Each P-Case is handmade with superior quality materials and spot-color printing. As it looks and feels just like a normal card case, the P-Case is sure to become a new everyday carry for card magicians.

The P-Case is available in either: Red or Blue.


Community questions about P-Case (Parallel Case)

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  • Ken asks: I'm interested in buying this card case, but there are no reviews to be found about it, anywhere. I'm a beginner and like the idea of a deck appearing in an empty box, or switching one packet trick for another in a box. This seems like a good box for this, but there are no reviews, the video isn't entirely clear about what I can do. Can you help me with understanding this item a little better please?

    • 1. James answers: It is a prepared box that can do the various effects that are listed above. It does have some angles, so keep that in mind.
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  • Randy asks: How does the P-CASE compare with the M-CASE, being marketed by Elusionist? Different designers, but they look and seem to perform the same way, for the same price.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Impossible to give a universal answer, as it depends on your needs and desires. M-CASE can be casually examined—P-CASE cannot. P-CASE is very durable, being made of plastic—M-CASE is made of cardboard. M-CASE can produce, change or vanish a card with zero angle issues—P-CASE can make a whole deck appear, but it has angle issues. Although they look close on a surface level, this is more like comparing apples with oranges.
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P-Case (Parallel Case) by Silver Wing and Carpenter Wong