Portal by TCC

Trick by Eric Chien and TCC Presents
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Portal by TCC

585.00 usd

Trick by Eric Chien and TCC Presents (497.25 - normally $585.00)

In stock.
Portal by TCC - magic
Portal by TCC Portal by TCC Portal by TCC Portal by TCC Portal by TCC Portal by TCC Portal by TCC

FISM Grand Prix Champion Eric Chien and TCC have joined forces to present the ultimate solution for a signed coin through glass.

Penetrating a coin through a solid glass is one of the most popular effects in all of magic. And, it’s not difficult to see why. This effect is simple, straightforward and creates an impression on your audience that will last a lifetime.

There have been countless versions and methods produced to achieve this effect over the years. However, none have truly revolutionized the concept like “Portal”.

Before you read any further, scroll back up and watch the video trailer. You’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. TCC and Eric Chien have truly made the impossible possible. It’s like real magic.

Every detail of “Portal” has been carefully examined, re-designed and optimized countless times to bring this concept to life. More than 40 different components have come together to create the incredible “Portal” pad. Yet, while it might seem complicated, careful consideration has been given to every detail to ensure smooth, reliable and easy operation.

As an added benefit, the deceptive construction of the pad, and the way the mechanism is hidden, allows you to use "Portal" as a close-up pad too.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • No switches are needed as the same coin is used from start to finish
  • You’ll get two methods for controlling the action: physical buttons on the sides of the pad and a remote control for a hands-off version
  • The powerful 1800mAH lithium battery provides upwards of 75-100 performances when fully charged
  • Magnetic charging port and convenient power indicator ensure you’ll never be surprised by a dead battery
  • Elegant rosewood frame and covert surface allow you to use “Portal” as a close-up pad
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 28cm x 2.8cm (16.5in x 11in x 1in)

What’s Included:

  • “Portal” close-up pad
  • Remote control
  • Charging cable
  • Large glass
  • Small glass

Please Read Before Purchasing

Vanishing Inc. is committed to being honest and transparent with all our products. So, we’d like to share a few important notes before purchasing.

“Portal” is designed to use coins up to 33mm (~1.5in) in diameter. For reference, the US Quarter is about 24mm and a Kennedy Half Dollar is about 31mm. However, a half dollar coin is not only close to the max size but is also heavier than many other coins. As such, its "bounce speed" is slower than other small coins. So, TCC does recommend using smaller coins. It’s also important to remember that, since the strength of this routine comes from borrowing the coin, it’s unlikely you’d be using coins that aren’t in regular circulation.

Extreme consideration has also been given to concealing “Portals” mechanism in a way that makes it as quiet as possible. However, due to internal space constraints, you will be able to hear it in a dead silent environment. This may be concerning to those who hear it when practicing alone. However, in a regular performance environment with any type of ambient noise (even just your patter), the sound will be unheard. “Portal” can, and should, be performed close up.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We also know this is a substantial investment. Both Vanishing Inc. and TCC pride themselves on their quality control standards. If, for any reason, you find that your “Portal” is not working the way you’d expect, please contact our support wizards at wizards@vanishingincmagic.com immediately to get it resolved.


Customer reviews for Portal by TCC



The penetration illusion is beautiful. Playing some dramatic theme music on my iPhone helps cover the noise when the coin “vanishes.” Given the size and solidity of the pad and the need to set up out of sight this is not something that you can spontaneously include in a casual coin routine, but given the right conditions the effect kills.



bad ass and very well made. I love it.



I gave PORTAL ‘good’ and not ‘excellent’ in the review section ONLY because the mechanism is LOUD and as a result not good for close up. Not sure how Eric Chien performs it close up on the TV show without any suspicion? Maybe the studio music is very loud?
As an effect it is quite simply, beautiful! Will need to think how to incorporate it for something live and somehow find a way to combat the sound
Best Wishes


Community questions about Portal by TCC

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Larry asks: What beautiful magic! How many of these effects demonstrated here can be done in succession? Can you only do it once or can you do one of these variations after the next?

    • 1. Chris answers: You can only cause the coin to vanish from one side of the pad and reappear in the glasses on the other side of the mat once before resetting. You can however perform a longer slight of hand routine before finishing with the effect you see in the video.
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  • Richard asks: Do the instructions include everything that we see on the trailer?

    • 1. Chris answers: The part of the routine seen at the 12th second in the clip is not taught but is a standard coin to glass routine (slight of hand). The tutorial goes over the basic set up and execution for the vanish and visible appearance of the coin (from the left side of the pad to the right under the inverted glass). Once you understand that, you will be able to recreate the versions in the demo clip, like the coin vanish under the playing card and taps the glass to reappear.
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  • Larry asks: Also, thank you for disclosing the best type/size of coins to use! Are there any other limitations should we know about like bad angles or lighting that need to be controlled? Obviously no one can inspect the pad but are the glasses inspectable? Do they need to be a certain type? And does the effect come with them?

    • 1. Chris answers: Eric Chen performed this on TV with people at the ends and front of the pad (a little audience managment there). It is easiest to perform with your audience to the front. The glasses come with it and they can be examined as they are not gimmicked.
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  • Samuel asks: Is this a sort of "variation" (more like an entirely new effect using the principle) of the old "CoPentro?" It is beautiful and a brilliant idea if this is the case.

    • 1. Paul answers: This seems closer in concept to the beautiful Collectors' Workshop trick, Silver Odyssey, a masterpiece of precision engineering created by Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggiero. If you even can find one today that works, it would probably cost well over $1000. Although that beautiful effect allowed for the invisible passing of four coins to a shot glass covered by another inverted glass, Portal is much more affordable and appears able to be performed at closer quarters (no pun intended).
    • 2. Chris answers: It is fair to say this is a variation on CoPentro.
    • 3. Jack answers: A man by the name of Bob Klein invented Copenetro... but this is the coolest version I’ve seen in a long time. I helped Bob make the last 25,the reason he stopped making that trick he couldn’t find any of the large drink glasses that wouldn’t break from the coin bouncing off of them, The manufacturer went out of business and all the other ones that were sent to him would break... I will admit after seeing this the larger drink glasses looks better, in my opinion , but this version is very clever and it looks great! Has anyone tried it with a taller drinking glass ?
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  • Benjamin asks: I am living in Norway, and I am wondering if the coins need to be metal that has magnetic abilities? The coins we have here do not.

    • 1. Chris answers: The coins do not need to be magnetic.
    • 2. Chris answers: You are correct. The coin could be borrowed with no switch needed. Us quarter to half dollar size work.
    • 3. Ethan answers: The coins in the US are not magnetic either, so I assume magnetic coins are NOT needed. As the ad copy says the coin can be borrowed and did not distinguished that from a "seemingly borrowed" coin- which would imply a switch to a magnetic coin. It also says the same coin can be used the whole time, no switches, which again suggests that there is no "special" coin in play. Please, someone, correct me if I am wrong!
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  • Adam asks: Is there any reason you couldn't use the close up mat as a regular close up mat before or after performing Portal

    • 1. Chris answers: You can use this as a close up pad for other routines before you perform the Portal effect.
    • 2. Ethan answers: You can and should use it as a regular performance mat!
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  • Paul asks: You have mentioned US coins and Norwegian coins, which UK coins would be appropriate or, conversely, inappropriate ?

    • 1. Toni answers: The limitation of size is a half dollar. So nothing bigger would work. The UK old one penny which is the same size as the half dollar will work as well and maybe a bit better as it is lighter. I've had easier time to perform with a bit smaller coins as they work better with the unit, but half dollars work perfectly as well.
    • 2. Rod answers: A US Quarter works very well. Any coin close to these specifications should work. The US Quarter is 24.26 mm in diameter, 1.75 mm thick and 5.670 g in weight.
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  • Joseph asks: Was this originally called the N-Pad?

    • 1. Jim answers: Not that I am aware of.
    • 2. Joseph answers: I asked that because it appears to operate like the N-Pad advertised over 180 days ago but never actually showed up until now with the Copenetro feature added.
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  • Jorge asks: Hi, this looks great! In europe can we use the 2 € coin? or size and weight is too much? Thanks

    • 1. Toni answers: Yes, all current EUR currency work. Max limitation of size and weight is around the US Half Dollar (including it)
    • 2. Rod answers: I don't have a 2€ o check. A US Quarter works very well. Any coin close to these specifications should work. The US Quarter is 24.26 mm in diameter, 1.75 mm thick and 5.670 g in weight. I hope that helps!
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  • Jose asks: Can you fold or roll up the mat to carry it, possibly under your arm? Is it easy to walk into a room with it and set it down already in front of your audience?

    • 1. Jim answers: The pad is solid, and cannot be rolled up. It is easy to carry under your arm and set down.
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  • Timothy asks: I’d like to know more about the prop in turns of longevity. It looks like a quality prop. Is this something that could possible break mechanically or is it built to last?

    • 1. Jim answers: Only time will tell—but this feels pretty sturdy to me.
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  • Peter asks: Hello everyone...three questions...how long is the reset and can this be done after any of the coin to glass while spectator is present or do you need a physical reset etc. Also with the magnetic charging battery/unit...is this embedded in the portal mat and the battery able to be changed out when needed or is this a permanent fixture with the portal unit...thanks.

    • 1. Guillermo answers: In regard to Vanishing Inc. their customer service is absolutely above par extraordinarily responsive and accommodating. I feel super confident whenever I purchase any item from them. So, if your decision is to purchase this item there is no better vender to consider hands down. I myself cannot use this, but obviously it’s a real killer effect with limitless potential. Just my 2 English cents :)
    • 2. Toni answers: The reset is not long but physical and you cannot do it in front of a spectator. I suppose you could adjustments so that this might be possible; Battery unit is embedded and there is a charging port.
    • 3. Stephen answers: Don’t bother buying it I’m one of the 300 or so Kickstarter users waiting for them to ship it to America after they lied to us and provided it to this company first by the way five or six of the first people got it see it broke almost immediately you might want to check the reviews on Kickstarter
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  • Peter asks: Have seen the reviews on Kickstarter...but would still like a response to my questions....I dont work or have connection to Vanishing Magic..but what I can say is they stand behind all magic they sell and for me have always had a terrific experience with them...now can I have some answers please...thanks.

    • 1. Toni answers: Let's start by saying this is my personal opinion. The Portal Unit was build in bulk and for reasonable price. It is quite sturdy but has few minor things that could brake/get worn with time. One thing I experienced is that the on/off switch broke (popped out and didn't held together) so I drilled on the side and soldered a new one. Now it worked perfectly and I am confident in performing with it. I inspected the insides and I find it to be quality product. The price is still high though if you will not do paid shows now and then and only want it for the effect. The effect itself has to be clear but let me add again. One coin travels from one side of the mat to the other side where it appears in the glasses. The glasses are respectable but you need them for the effect. I hope this helps.
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  • Darren asks: Hi, I have a few questions, could I call someone to have a chat? Thanks S

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi there! Feel free to send our Customer Support Wizards an email at wizards@vanishingincmagic.com
  • Tom asks: Is the method for the move at 24 seconds part of what Portal does? This does not seem to involve movement of the coin from a location on the pad to inside the glass.

    • 1. Jim answers: The move in the hand is not taught. The part in the glass is. I hope that helps!
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  • Dr. Ralf asks: 1.) I understand the noise of the "transport" has to be considered. Does this noise occur instantly with the disappearance? Or can it be controlled when the noise (=transport) happens after the disappearance? 2.) Is it possible to control the time between disappearance, transport and re-apperance? Or is this time fixed once started?

    • 1. Gary answers: Sounds a little like Hiroshima during the mechanism working - If using within 10yds, would have 1812 Overture playing.
    • 2. Toni answers: I hope we are not revealing anything here or talking too openly but I will answer the question. It is as follows *coin on mat* => *disappearance> around 1,5 sek> transport + noise* => *appearance ready* => *appear on demand*
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  • Peter asks: Thank you...but again...from a single performance how long is the reset time and can this be done in front of the spectators without them understanding what is going on...also from the video there is a number of different performances so can these all be done such as ....performance...then reset...performance...reset etc...or is this a one performance pad...leave spectator to reset ...with performance again...Peter in Oz

    • 1. Jim answers: The reset is about thirty seconds or so. It should not be done in front of an audience.
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  • Peter asks: Sorry guys have just seen some answers to my previous question...but since battery us embedded...and although it has charging port...can this be changed out once this is no longer chargeable...have been caught out before with too many electronic items that have embedded batteries that cant be changed...Peter in Oz

    • 1. Jim answers: According to TCC, the battery should last a long time. If you do experience issues, you can send it to TCC for repair. If you are a DIY kind, with knowledge of how to work with electronics and soldering, TCC can ship a replacement battery and send a video showing you how to do it. I don't have prices or turnaround info for the above at this time—but I wanted you to know that you have options.
    • 2. Guillermo answers: Wow, this “TCC can ship a replacement battery and send a video showing you how to do it.” sounds like a great option. Wish more makers would provide this same solution. I’m always wearily over concerned when purchasing rechargeable lithium battery effects because of the longevity concern.
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  • Don asks: I am confused by the part of the instructions that cautions you not to use a particular charging device. There appears to be some difference in the power output of some chargers. I do not want to damage the unit. Can anyone explain what I can and cannot do regarding charging?

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    • Don asks: Included in the box is a small clear plastic box with several things in it. I assume that it contains small parts that can be used to repair or replace parts of the pad. I can find no instructions about what this small box contains or how the contents can be used. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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      • Isak asks: Can you use a ring instead of a coin or is the ring to big?

        • 1. Jim answers: A ring would likely be too big.
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      • Russell asks: Given the price, is there any kind of warranty offered? 30, 60, 90 days? A year? That would seem reasonable.

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