DVD by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor
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DVD by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor ($67.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Rapture - magic
Rapture Rapture Rapture Rapture Rapture Rapture

In their DVD debut, Ross and Fraser bring you some of their favorite methods and even unreleased material. Get ready for the Rapture!

This superlative set will elevate your mindreading into the perceived realm of the real. You'll learn how to retrieve names entirely in a prop-less manner, divine star signs, allow the spectator to divine your PIN number, and even perform psychometry and Hellstromism with non-traditional traditional methods. Determine cards merely thought of by your spectator from a shuffled, spread deck, and even guess the card they changed from.

Get your DVD set and power up your mentalism today!


Ross's "Double-Think Re-Frame" - This forms the structure for Fraser and Ross's prop-less approaches as well as effects using physical props previously considered impossible.

Ross's "Pressure Peek" - Peek information and reveal it later in a routine. Entirely prop-less.

Fraser's "Premise Shift" - A spectator-as-mind-reader reverse PIN guess.

WARNING: Could cause epileptic seizures. Strong language. 2 DVDs. Approximate running time: 4 hours.

"Ross and Fraser are on the cutting edge with their Avant Garde approach to modern mentalism."Peter Turner


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I bought this and I think that it is very good. He pin divination was very nice. My personal favorite was Ross Tayler's Kings Force. This is basically a way to know ANY card that a spectator merely thinks of from a shuffled, spread deck. This has a brilliant use of Ross and Fraser's principles and I love it.

Rapture by Fraser Parker and Ross Taylor