Stabbed & Shot

Trick by Bill Abbott
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Stabbed & Shot

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Trick by Bill Abbott ($30.36 - normally $39.95)

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Stabbed & Shot - magic

Direct from Bill Abbott's professional repertoire and showcased in his recent bestselling book Table Magic, Stabbed and Shot is a killer card stab with a shot glass production that comes out of nowhere!

A card is selected from a shuffled deck, signed, returned and shuffled by a spectator. An empty paper bag that is examined by the audience and the deck is tossed inside. A spectator is asked to shake the bag to mix the cards and make the finding of the chosen card even more impossible. A knife is produced and is stabbed into (and through!) the bag. Violently the knife is ripped from the bag and a single card is impaled on the end of the blade...the spectator's signed selection!

Just when the audience applause has died down, the performer reaches into the bag and produces a large shot glass filled to the brim with water! (Or other liquid.)

Stabbed & Shot considerations:

  • Perform Stabbed & Shot in short sleeves.
  • Perform Stabbed & Shot close-up and surrounded.
  • Stabbed & Shot instantly resets. The shot glass production uses real liquid and is bulletproof and safe.
  • Stabbed & Shot can be performed on stage.
  • Reveal one or two cards at the point of a knife.
  • You can even borrow the bag, the knife and the deck!

Stabbed & Shot Package includes:

  • Large shot glass.
  • Durable seal that you never need to replace.
  • Extra secret something for a sure-fire card stab revelation.
  • Supply your own knife.
  • A 90-minute DVD containing several performances and handlings.

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I love a well worked out stand up routine! They are hard to come by but this one is a winner! No one ever sees the shot glass coming!

Stabbed & Shot by Bill Abbott