Trick by Luis Enrique Peralta
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Trick by Luis Enrique Peralta ($65.00)

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Strat-o-Sponge - magic
Strat-o-Sponge Strat-o-Sponge

Strat-o-Sponge is a fun and unique take on U.F. Grant's classic "Strat-o-Spheres" trick that uses sponge balls and offers a delightful and unexpected kicker that serves as the perfect finale for this amazing magic trick.

The magician stands next to a transparent tube and 3 sponge balls: 1 red, 1 black and 1 green.

They then introduce an opaque tube, which is clearly shown to be empty and then slid over the transparent tube. The sponge balls are then placed inside, following the order printed on the front of the opaque tube.

Yet, despite the fact they were clearly put in order, once the outer tube is removed, the spongeballs are somehow impossibly out of order. This process is repeated, even slower this time. Yet, once again, the spongeballs end up out of order.

After the third time, the magician only puts two balls in the tube and makes the last one vanish in their hands. Yet, once the outer tube is lifted, the ball is seen to have reappeared back in the tube right alongside the other spongeballs.

This is repeated one last time. It is clearly shown that there are only 2 balls in the transparent tube and the opaque tube is empty. A spectator can even hold the tube between their hands. Yet, the third spongeball is still able to disappear from the magician's hands and appear inside the tube.

Strat-o-Sponge is a fantastic addition to any parlor or stage show, especially for magicians that perform children's magic or family shows. It is remarkably easy to use and comes ready to perform right out of the box.

Instructions in English and Spanish.


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Strat-o-Sponge by Luis Enrique Peralta