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Trick by Sven Lee (From $24.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Svenlopes - magic

The next step in the evolution of the Svengali Principle is here with Svenlopes! No longer do you need complicated procedures or specially gimmicked objects to force a card, coin, message, etc., because the Svenlopes do the forcing for you! One cut puts you at the desired object.

Even better, one Svenlopes pack can be used for multiple routines with multiple objects. Svengali playing cards and force pads need to be switched out for a different routine, but Svenlopes just need their contents switched and you are ready to go. 

And don't you worry about quality. Svenlopes are laser-cut using an auto digital process, hand tested, and then double packed to prevent tampering and to keep the corners safe in-transit. Need routines? It even comes with a 91-page pdf of handling tips and routines to spark your imagination!

A pack of Svenlopes comes with 25 force envelopes and 25 regular envelopes in Poker size and is available in multiple colors. As a bonus, you also get 22 incredible routines for Svenlopes, a multicolor Svenlopes pack (while supplies last), and 10 routines to perform with multicolor Svenlopes. The white Svenlopes even come with an additional bonus routine.

So get your Svenlopes now and prepare to take your mentalism to a new level!

"Sven Lee was nice enough to send me a couple sets of his SVENLOPES. First, the quality of these envelopes are top notch. They are made out of heavy paper, ensuring they are opaque no matter what color you choose. They are perfectly made with absolutely no flaws, which ensures they will look right and operate perfectly. The use of the Svengali principle with envelopes can be a very strong tool. As Sven points out, not only can you use playing cards, cards with names on them, pieces of folded paper, but also actual objects such as coins, tickets, and other small items. This is a great utility tool that you should certainly have at your disposal. One of the nicest features is you can use the same envelopes for different forces by just changing out the contents. After handling these for a while, I can see they will last a long time, but I would still recommend you purchase a number of sets. I have no doubt you will find so many uses for this utility prop that you will want multiple sets. I give this product a very high recommendation!"Richard Osterlind

"An idea whose time has come. The right head and right hand can create outstanding effects. Real food for thought!!! Mind bending."Marc Salem

"I like the quality, and the idea is really interesting. This can be a great tool. I am sure this is something I will use."Luca Volpe


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