The Baby Book

Trick by John Morton
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The Baby Book

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Trick by John Morton (82.50)

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The Baby Book - magic
The Baby Book The Baby Book

"The Baby Book" fooled Penn & Teller and now it's available to you.

"Every Magician, amateur or professional could get this book and after reading one sentence could kill with it!" Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller

"The Baby Book" by John Morton is everything you'd want in a strong magic and mentalism effect. It's easy to do, simple to follow, plays huge and gets killer reactions.

You start by introducing a picture book and explaining how you use it to teach your son, daughter, niece, nephew etc. how to learn words and associate them with objects. After a brief demonstration, you explain how you did this so much with them that you inadvertently memorized every single page.

Pass the book around and ask the spectator to open up the book to an page and look at the big picture top of the page. They then call out the 9 other smaller pictures on the page in any order they want. Despite how fair this is, you're always able to tell them what the first image they saw was.

Comes with the book and detailed instructions. "The Baby Book Test" takes just minutes to learn. It is designed to go right into your working set.

NOTE FROM THE CREATOR: "The Baby Book" was created with the gracious permission of Stephen Young.


Customer reviews for The Baby Book



Fantastic - highly recommended. No slights or complicated methods need to be learned or employed. I have seen some reviewers complain about the size - I totally disagree. It is the perfect size for handing out and passing around a group or an audience. Many options on how to actually "do" the routine from memory related or mind reading or claiming body language/voice expertise. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this and so far no one has come close to figuring out how it is done. Real quality product. Worth the price and then some.



No other word would fit this effect and method accurately.
Amazingly easy to do, perfect prop, clean, direct, and magical.
I wish more and more magic would be like this effect, so we performers could focus on what's really important: communicating with our audiences and creating an experience beyond amazement.
Highly recommended.


Joe Ridgelyloc2127

I recently purchased and used it in my first close up gig after receiving it. This was for Silks, Barristers and Solicitors Summer Party. They loved it , which means I love this new effect. It killed and performing a few times for each group the reaction was even stronger. I believe it will make a good stage routine, too!! Excited!!



Outstanding! Clever! Been doing magic and mentalism for 48 years and I would have never figured this out. So simple and that's why it'll fool everybody! Don't worry about the price. This one is worth it! I was a little nervous paying for this much for a little book, but I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! I may even order a backup copy!


Tun Guan

Wow, ingenious idea! Super easy to learn and perform!!
The only con I would say (if need to find any) is probably the price is a little bit on the high side.

VI Monthly


Simple and direct effect. Clever method. Presentable in infinite guises. Repeat multiple times under ever more stringent conditions. The book is very well made. I've never seen a "gimmicked" magic prop that looks more authentically like what it purports to be β€” in this case, an educational book for the very young. In fact, it could be easily used as such! Love it!


Community questions about The Baby Book

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  • Ged asks: This "book" as you call it, seems to be the size of a post-it. Your photo of it on top of an actual book, is, I think, deceptive. Since the method, even at first glance is so obvious - the small pictures "code" the big one, how does one overcome this with an audience? Even the children this pocket trick seems to be intended for, will quickly spot the method. Do you have a counter to this?

    • 1. Thom answers: wow... I've used this wonderful tool with audiences of all ages, never had a problem with it. Great idea, cleverly implemented. Certainly bigger than a post-it. Fits comfortably in your jacket pocket.
    • 2. Richard answers: Well, it fooled Penn and Teller, so you just MIGHT be overestimating its "obviousness" just a tad.
    • 3. Ged answers: "Penn and Teller were" Really? Have you watched FU? They have been "fooled" by many simple tricks. And they are endorsing this trick... Makes one suspicious.
    • 4. Dan answers: I've used the Baby Book in my shows for over a year. It fools everyone. It fools magicians. It actually DID fool Penn & Teller. And by the looks of it, it has fooled you also. Remember, the small pictures can be called out in any order, and you don't have to call out any more than three of them.
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  • Craig asks: Instructions are not in the baby book. Can you please send them to me?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please contact our Support Wizards ( and someone will take care of you.
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