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The Pro Case - magic
The Pro Case The Pro Case The Pro Case The Pro Case

Allow me to introduce a new tool we are providing now.

It's a suitcase with a retractable tripod. This prop can be used for any occasion -- it serves as both a case and a table in performances.

It is easy to assemble. The tripod can be kept inside the suitcase while not used.

The inside dimensions are:

L: 17 Inches W: 13 inches H: 5 Inches


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  • Damian asks: how much will the case hold?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The inside dimensions are: L: 17 Inches, W: 13 inches and H: 5 Inches.
  • Bob asks: I'm scared to buy this, after reading the review.. I'm in need of something like this, though. If this one is poor quality, is there something similar you guys carry?

    • 1. Jim answers: Keep in mind that the return policy has your back:
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Customer reviews for The Pro Case



I was originally terrified to buy this, based on other reviews, here, but after shopping around, this one appeared to be the best price and quality.. So I took the risk, and I have to say..


This was exactly what I needed. The only way to improve on this, would be for there to be a clip to carry the tripod for it.. Which I will be installing, myself. I got this is the post, yesterday, and have taken it to two gigs, now. Both incredibly convenient, as well as sturdy enough. Would recommend a table cover, if you perform a matrix on this, but otherwise it's an amazing buy.



The Case w/stand arrived with a structural defect that makes it weak at the bottom side. The metallic lining is thin and detached from the case making it less than sound for any kind of weight. There is also a small dent in the side wall. I wish I could post pictures.



I bought this from another dealer who had it on sale at 35% off. When it arrived I saw that the ply board (?) siding is thinner and cheaper than 2 other cases I have. Before I even had a gig one corner cracked a couple of inches, which is something my other two cases (which look similar, but are actually heavy duty) haven't done, even though I had them for several years.

Once I put props in the case and carried it to gigs I'm sure it would have split even more. My girlfriend even said, "The sides of that case are thinner and cheaper than your other cases."

My other pet peeve is that they don't show you the holder in the back of the case before you buy ii. I wish they had, because it's a VERY SMALL stiff velvet-like pouch--maybe 7 inches across and a height of 6 inches? You can't fit much of anything in that little pouch! Why didn't they put a holder (like in most briefcases) that runs all the way across the back?

I sent photos of the crack to the store and they did allow me to get a refund (though shipping it back was a hassle--that's another story).

The base is more of a thick plastic base and not the heavy metal base that I'm used to.

In short: This is definitely NOT a heavy duty case!