Trick by Eric Chien and TCC Presents
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Trick by Eric Chien and TCC Presents ($55.00)

In stock. Order in the next 1 hour, 38 minutes and it will go out today!

"For the close up-Eric Chien!"

In the summer of 2018, Eric Chien used his super visual routine to blow everyone's mind in the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center and won the FISM Grand Prix. Magic, CG, shocking, unbelievable... Please don't be miserly, apply any words you can imagine describing a miracle to Eric's performance.

The most astonishing effect in this routine is True Colors.

Color change on a single playing card has been a difficult problem that intrigued magicians before True Colors. Some methods used the refraction principle to accomplish the effect -- like a slow, gradual change -- a few years ago on the market, but the biggest problem was the angle.

Eric solved it! Use only one finger. Actually, we can even say that we don't need any cover to accomplish such an extraordinary effect, slow-motion color change. He makes what looks like CG a reality.

When many people first see Eric's performance on video, or even his live show, they think that it is black art, because the effect is just like its name, True Colors. It's so good that you might think it's true. So when you hold True Colors in your hand, you will marvel at Eric's genius like creativity, and you will also marvel that his success is not accidental.

Now, this secret is finally coming out of the shadows.

I have heard that some people are of the opinion that there is no more news in the community. But in such a developed period, True Colors proves that there is a long way to go in the magic way. We truly hope that True Colors can bring you an experience like FISM. We hope that it is not just a gimmick, but a limitless possibility. We hope it can bring you motivation and courage to change things and free your imagination flow as Eric did.

  • From the mind of FISM Grand Prix winner, secret first revealed
  • Brand new visual effect, a creative way to do color change in slow-motion
  • Handmade, easy to master, use it right out of the box
  • Taught by FISM Grand Prix winner, Eric Chien
  • It can be worked in with various color changing back routines, only limited by your imagination

Community questions about TRUE COLORS

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  • Miroslav asks: Are the cards after the change examinable?

    • 1. Kim answers: Not directly, you would need to do some things to clean up, remember how Eric used this, thats an ideal environment for it, but it is possible to perform it close up or parlour!
    • 2. Eric answers: NO
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  • Tabitha asks: how long will the pre order take for true colors by eric chien to be ready to ship to me cause I have a pre order set up on the website so I'm just waiting now.

    • 1. Cody answers: Mine has been Awaiting dispatch from California, USA for a few days now.
    • 2. Richard answers: Me to
    • 3. Claudio answers: I order t on the 29th of December received it on January 8. One strange thing thought the Vimeo link given to view the routine that comes with a password shows that there is no video posted yet. So I am asking Vanishing to answer to my note. Thank you. Claudio
    • 4. Richard answers: I got the package from the mailbox today, I can't wait to play with it because I am working on the yard (planting azaleas)! Ordered this a week and a half ago! Thank you, Vanishing Inc.
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  • Seiman asks: Do i get the gimmick ready to use out the box or do i have to make it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get one ready to go. He also teaches you how to make/repair it.
    • 2. Eric answers: Yes, you get a gimmick. What you have to make is ridiculous! Beware ,this purchase.
  • Victor asks: Does this change 1 card or the entire deck as in the video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The visual change is the top card of the deck. The remainder of the deck is spread and shown to have changed as well.
  • Martim asks: I have this trick and saw the tutorial but Eric does not explain how to change the entire card from one colour to the other, just half way... anyone?

    • 1. Barry answers: The effect is to be able to change the card half way, pause and then change it back. I don't think you can change the card all the way with this method but a full change isn't what this effect aims to achieve.
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Customer reviews for TRUE COLORS



At this time still there is no video tutorial available, anyway is not difficult to make it work if you want to try it. Product is made with excellent material, some spare parts and execution can be improved with stronger and vanishing equipment like the Raven.



Let me say I do not own the trick but was intrigued as a long time Amateur I don't often buy single tricks anymore but this caught my eye. So I waited patiently and all i'm going to say about this is before you shell out $55 please visit the Magic Cafe and check out the reviews.
Have to say I like Vanishing Inc. but have to ask when are Magic Dealers (not just Vanishing) going to start looking out for us the magicians that want quality stuff but have been burned so many times paying a lot of money for misinformed junk that never gets shown?
I and I am sure many of us non-pros are willing to spend a lot of money on a well constructed trick but it's getting so hard to tell anymore what is good quality and what is good marketing and editing...
:( very saddened by the "buzz" surrounding this effect.

TRUE COLORS by Eric Chien and TCC Presents