Trick by Alakazam Magic and Antonio Martinez
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Trick by Alakazam Magic and Antonio Martinez ($38.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
UNOrthodox - magic
UNOrthodox UNOrthodox UNOrthodox UNOrthodox UNOrthodox UNOrthodox

One of the strongest close-up magic effects in the world is now even better with UNOrthodox!

With this innovative new take on the Ultra Mental Deck, your spectator’s card will not only be the only face down card in the deck—it will be the ONLY CARD IN THE ENTIRE DECK!

This mind reading miracle requires:


Combined with an INSTANT RESET, UNOrthodox is an incredibly powerful addition to the arsenal of any walkaround close-up magic performer. This trick isn’t limited to just close-up magic shows though. It can also play big enough for a parlor magic or stage magic show as well.

Every UNOrthodox deck is custom manufactured on high-quality card stock with vibrant and colorful UNO-inspired illustrations that every audience will immediately relate to and easily understand. However, it’s important to note that this trick does not feel like a card trick.

The routine possibilities for UNOrthodox are endless. It can be used as a comedy magic routine or even a serious demonstration of mentalism.

UNOrthodox is incredibly fun to perform and your audiences are going to love it.


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  • Alex asks: Can the selection be any cards, or there is restriction?

    • 1. Garry answers: Any playing card within the unorthodox card deck, that is the selection, which is all explained I hope this helps.
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  • Jiasheng asks: Can the deck be examined after performing?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can show them the cards but they cannot examine them.
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Customer reviews for UNOrthodox



UNOrthodox, it comes in a good quality presentation tuc box, best change the cards to another tuc box, as this will create a great effect from the start, this is also explained in the video tutorial, the video comes with a demonstration, shown how to use this deck, although the magic stuff thats used for this trick isnt my thing, its still a very easy trick to do, Reset the deck in seconds.



It is so great that I really, really want a second deck!

UPDATE: I really want a second deck! And/or an update with Phoenix or Bicycle Backs.

When meeting friends for the first time after months of "isolation" and they ask me "what did you do" I mention that I practiced my magic, they ask for a trick, I check my pockets and go into this routine because "Oh, I packed the wrong deck" just works so well in this setting (and it also frees you from doing more tricks that night because of course you packed the wrong deck".



Great trick! The only thing wish they would make a deck for the other half.

UNOrthodox by Alakazam Magic and Antonio Martinez