Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set)

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Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set)

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Trick (pre-order - ships Nov 30) by SansMinds (From $139.95)

Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) - magic
Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set)

The purest vanish of a borrowed ring is back and better than ever!

"Will Tsai has produced the cleanest and most impossible ring vanish of ALL TIME! Even Q from James Bond couldn't have devised a better way to vanish a finger ring." Paul Romahny

"I'm trying to hold back my excitement a little here but this thing looks like TV magic and you do none of the work to make it vanish. Let's just say this is now in my live show." Alan Rorrison

With the Vanishing Ring Box, you can truly perform otherworldly miracles.

Imagine having the ability to allow your spectator to remove their own ring, place it in the box and then close it themselves before opening it again to see the ring has completely vanished (and, unbeknownst to them, is readily available for you to make re-appear anywhere you'd like). This is about as close to real magic as you can get and is easily accomplished with the Vanishing Ring Box from SansMinds.

The SansMind creative team spent nearly three years carefully crafting this intricate prop to ensure it is not only 100% self-working, but also keeps the spectator's ring completely safe.

The Vanishing Ring took the magic community by storm when it was first introduced. It was revered by professional magicians around the world. With this latest release available in EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES, you can be sure that the Vanishing Ring Box Set will not be around for long.

This amazing Vanishing Ring Box (Black and Red Set) includes One (1) Limited Edition Crimson Red (Only 100 Available Worldwide) and One (1) Onyx Black Vanishing Ring Box.

Vanishing Ring FAQ

What is the Vanishing Ring?
The Vanishing Ring is powerful and elegant tool that allows you to perform a 100% self-working vanish of a borrowed ring that can be tailored to any magic routine.

How easy is the Vanishing Ring Box to use?
The Vanishing Ring Box requires no sleight of hand skills. In fact, the spectator does all the work for you, enabling you to focus on the presentation. The ring is completely vanished before you even approach the spectator.

How Do I Make the Ring Reappear?
You can bring the ring back in a variety of ways as part of any "ring to impossible location" routine. If you don't perform an effect like this yet, the included instructions teach you a variety of powerful routines to help you get started such as 'ring to sealed envelope" or "ring to tomato".

Please Note: As with most SansMind magic tricks, your purchase does NOT include television rights. You are NOT permitted to perform the Vanishing Ring on TV without permission from SansMinds.


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