The Stranger (Phone Call)

App by Jonathan Levit
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The Stranger (Phone Call)

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App by Jonathan Levit (199.00)

If you could create a truly impossible and mind-blowing experience for ANY audience by simply putting your trust in a stranger...would you do it?

“A revolutionary magic utility for the modern world!” Michael Carbonaro

"The Stranger Phone Call" for iOS and Android, from Jonathan Levit is so much more than a magic trick. It’s a revolutionary magic app that enables you to carry a miracle in your pocket wherever you go. You'll have anywhere from 1 to 10+ minutes of audience-proven material ready to go at a moment's notice in any environment. It's perfect for everyone from close-up magicians to parlor and stage magicians and even emcees.

Imagine calling a random phone number that was FAIRLY created by your audience and reaching a random "stranger" that impossibly knows what playing card your spectator selected. With "The Stranger Phone Call", you can call a live Stranger that is anywhere in the world, or use any of the built-in conversation recordings. You can even create your own custom recording for your reveals.

"The Stranger Phone Call" has become a modern classic that is used by magicians across the globe. This is the effect they keep in their pocket at all times, and their go-to when they want to create an instant miracle. When they need to book a client, they use "The Stranger Phone Call". It is also often their closer because it simply can't be followed.

What Is "The Stranger"?

"The Stranger Phone Call" works on both iOS and Android. It allows you to have a "stranger" reveal a playing card anywhere, anytime. nce you join the Stranger family, you will become a part of a community of active Strangers around the globe ready to help. (You can also play the role of a Stranger for others, which is just as fun!)

This effect is super easy to do. Careful consideration has been put into the routining and instructional videos to ensure you'll be performing it confidently shortly after learning the secret. Helpful built-in practice features will get you up and running in no time.

(A more comprehensive offering designed for professionals known as "The Stranger System" is also available.)

Why The Stranger?

Any Situation or Audience
"The Stranger" can be performed for audiences of any size from strolling and close-up gigs to large stage magic shows. No matter how many people you perform it for, this will undoubtedly get one of the biggest reactions in your whole show.

A Truly Random Phone Number
The dialed number is truly constructed at random. No forces needed. The spectator can even press the numbers and place the call themselves.

Built-in Convincers
Every aspect of this app has been thought out to make it as convincing as possible. You'll even learn how to make secret "mistakes", such as reaching a disconnected number or voicemail before finally connecting to your stranger.

Hidden Technology
Unlike many phone magic tricks, "The Stranger" takes all emphasis away from the phone itself. It feels incredibly organic. The only reason your phone even comes into play is to make the call.

No Pre-Show
Watch the full performance above. Your performance will work exactly the same. There is nothing to prepare. A card is selected live, a random phone number is dialed and the stranger on the other end reveals the information.

No Coding or Forces
Everything is handled before the call is made. You won't need to do any verbal "Phone-a-Wizard"-style coding once connected to your stranger. In fact, your volunteer can lead the conversation with the "stranger."

**Real Calls and Facetimes With No Cell Reception (iPhone Only) **
"The Stranger" uses Wi-Fi calling so you can place a real call to anyone on iPhone with no cell reception. You can even FaceTime them!

Features List

  • Call a Conversation Recording
  • Call a Live Stranger
  • Create One Custom Conversation Recording
  • Reveal a Playing Card
  • Practice in App
  • Access to the Master Class Video Series
  • Custom Recent Calls List

What Others are Saying!

"Jonathan is an evil genius." Max Maven

“There are very few effects that transcend ‘magic trick’ and take on the feeling of a happening. 'The Stranger' is one of those effects." David Regal, Genii Magazine

“Jonathan has put a lot of work into this versatile app to make it an incredibly useful approach to the modern day Mr. Wizard effect… and much more!” Marc Kerstein

"It may just be the most fantastic five minutes of entertainment possible with a cell phone!" Jim Steinmeyer

“It f*%#ing crushed! One guy jumped out of his seat and ran out of the theater! Larry Wilmore

“So clever... the method alone opens up SO many possibilities" Danny Garcia

“This is one of the strongest and most well put together phone app effects I've ever seen. This is one that every magician can do! Tony Clark

“Imagine having a blockbuster effect in your pocket at all times that is suitable for an audience of one or a hundred. Believe it or not, you already do. Just add Jonathan Levit’s 'The Stranger' to your phone and you become a walking miracle worker. This brilliantly thought-out routine defies explanation." Mike Caveney

"I am having a blast with ‘The Stranger.’ A perfect, offbeat trick that I pull out when I want to send them over the edge." Paul Gertner

Get "The Stranger Phone Call" today and fall in love with your new closer!

Upon making your purchase, you will be sent an app access code. This one-time use code works on either both iOS or Android. If you buy a new phone in the future, your access will transfer as long as it's the same operating system. If you choose to change operating systems at any point, you will need to buy a new code.


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