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Trick by Danny Orleans and AmazeKids
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Trick by Danny Orleans and AmazeKids ($25.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
AmazeWands - magic
AmazeWands AmazeWands AmazeWands AmazeWands AmazeWands AmazeWands AmazeWands
Looking for a colorful magical sight gag for your Zoom show? Something that will make the kids (that you’ll never meet) laugh out loud? Our AmazeWands can make that happen. Normally we all associate the Multiplying Wands as a trick to do with an onstage audience helper. But Danny Orleans has created three routines + one bonus routine that comes complete with a script—all specifically designed for a virtual magic show.

It's all the the ebook, Virtual AmazeWands, and you get it for free when you purchase the AmazeWands from AmazeKids. Use the virtual show ideas for your online show now, and have the AmazeWands to perform the traditional routine in the post-pandemic world.

What makes these different? AmazeKids combined the Multiplying Wands with a Breakaway Wand so you get bursts of color, surprise and a distinct theatrical button as a finale, neatly positioned to provoke laughter. Yes, we’ve made the traditional Breakaway Wand part of a beautiful set of Multiplying Wands. Now, whether you’re performing virtually or in-person, your Multiplying Wands routine, finally has an ending!

Our goal was to make Bev Bergeron’s creation better, funnier, sturdier and to give the prop a longer life. Watch the video and you’ll see for yourself. These wands are brightly colored, sized right, operate smoothly and have a surprise ending.

In the box you get:

  • Four nesting wands: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • One black and white Breakaway Wand (that fits inside the green wand)
  • Access to the instructional video

These are made right. The extruded plastic starts with a colored resin, so they will never fade. The white paint on the ends of the wands is baked on, making them scratch resistant. The red wand is the largest. It's 16" x1". The black wand is the smallest and it's 14" long. All the wands are made of hard polypropylene plastic. They’re lightweight, easy-to-use, and are as bright and bold on camera as they are in a theater.

Danny Orleans created 10 different approaches to peforming the AmazeWands that he demonstrates and discusses in the 15-minute instruction video download. You’ll love the AmazeWands. Your audience will love the AmazeWands. Get a set--and your free ebook Virtual AmazeWands--and find out for yourself how they’ll make your show even more…amazing.


Community questions about AmazeWands

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  • Garth asks: Are the Amaze Wands nesting wands that get thinner and thinner? I am not looking for this. I am looking for ones that have a slit down the center and when apart are about the same width. Is this prop the wands I am speaking of?

    • 1. Danny Orleans (creator) responds: Hi Garth: Without revealing the exact method, these wands rely on the traditional method created by Bev Bergeron. No slits. If you look carefully at the video or the photos, I think your question will be answered.
    • 2. John answers: Garth, email me @ john@johnrussellmagic.com
  • Bernard asks: Hi. I bought the amazewands from Penguin Magjc. Am I still religions to get the free ebook on how to use these wands in virtual shows?

    • 1. Bernard answers: Sorry autocorrect??I mean am I still ELIGIBLE??
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  • Matthew asks: Is it possible to purchase the extra large black wand that Danny nests these in during his full live performance?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately they are not sold separately.
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Customer reviews for AmazeWands



Very well made and easy to use!



These are possibly the best set of nesting wands created. They are well made and colourful but the real addition is the middle wand being a break away wand.

This product comes with a free ebook and it was great to see an extra ebook pop up in my account which detailed how to use the wands in virtual shows.

A great utility prop that most kids entertainers will find a place for in their show.





What a great product! The wands are bright and look great in any show. They appear to be well made and durable. I expect them to last me quite a while. The breakaway wand adds just the right finish. Kids and adults both love it. It never fails to get a reaction. If you want a fun interlude in your kids or family show the Amaze Wands will not disappoint you!



Very funny and a lots of Ideas, to form a great and funny Magic-Show for Kids.



If you ever have children in your audience, everything from Danny Orleans and Amaze Kids is worth considering. If you watch Danny work his Amazewands into a multi-effect colour themed routine you'll see that this gets a great reaction with younger children. Danny is an excellent and engaging teacher. The pdf book that is offered as a bonus is excellent. The video tutorial is also of a very high quality. Danny is very experienced working with children and every magician needs to take note of what he has to say about working with sensitive children. My first introduction to magic was when I was six years old at a friends birthday party. I still have photo of myself helping the magician wearing a fez and those silly glasses with moustache attached and a breakaway wand in my hand. I was hooked! But for too long magician's have used cheap humour at the expense of sensitive children and Danny teaches you that you can get plenty of belly laughs without upsetting anyone. The aim is to get your volunteers laughing just as much as their friends in the audience. The Amazewands are just the right size. (Danny's port types where made from PVC pipes bought at a DIY store.) The Amazewands are very nicely made. On one occasion I found that an inner wand went straight through the outer wand when I was loading it because he end cap came off. But it clipped back in again and I've never had any problems in performance. Danny teaches several ways of using the wands and they are all very workable. I strongly recommend that you buy these and use them, not as a stand-alone trick, but as a hilarious interlude in a colour themed routine, e.g. Giant colouring book, break-away fan, breakaway giant crayons etc. (It is a great shame that Danny's Colossal Colouring book is no longer available. That would be ideal to use with these wands.) If the Amazewands are more of gimmick than a magic trick, they nevertheless provide a lovely addition to any children's magic show. The set is fairly priced. I was tempted to try to DIY a set (like Danny did at first) but when I saw the price of coloured PVC tubing I realised that this specially designed and manufactured set is a bargain.



What you see is what you get and overall it's pretty awesome. This is obviously geared towards kids. Each time I've performed it it's gone over well. The only feedback I have on these is that the cap on the largest wand kept popping off when the other wands were nested so I had to glue that, but overall it was good to go.



An amazing product, as you'd expect from Amazekids. The wands themselves are good quality and should last a very long time. But it's the added value you get with all of Danny's products that really makes this great value. There's a wonderful, timely booklet with Danny's very helpful ideas for using them during virtual magic shows. And a further PDF with detailed ideas about how to use the Breakaway Wand (and avoid making one kid feel bad for its breaking as per the traditional presentation). I'm not usually a kids performer but had to do a few kids shows recently. Danny's products have really held my hand and helped me deliver the goods. Thanks!



Really nice quality wands. They are different sizes as the multiply, but the colors are very vibrant and great quality. Highly recommended!



This is an excellent set of wands, very colourful and good quality, a nice kicker with the final one being a breakaway. I’m not a children’s entertainer but have still managed to find a place for this in my set. Great reactions from all ages.



This is an excellent product and gag to do on kids. There is just something funny for kids adults alike to watch a little kid be weighed down by a bunch of wands. I wouldn't say this is a stand alone trick as it is obvious to anyone watching what is going on (there is no magic here really), but as a funny gag, it's a great add on to another trick and I would highly recommend it!



Must have for little kids. Kids love to point out mistakes. LOL



Just got these, LOVE THEM!!! What a great addition idea



Great prop and additional routine ideas!



Really nice wands. I have been using the original Bev Bergeron traditional multiplying wands but these are really colorful and quality. They do “step down” in size if that matters to you... I love the break away wand as the final wand...excellent!



This is a very good set of wands, especially because it includes the break-away as a "topper".

Like: Great video instructions. And, the included PDF booklet of added performance tips is great. Both are well thought-out and presented.

Not so good: The "tips" of all wands have fallen off, after a few minutes of careful handling. I've Krazy Glued them back on, and I'm hoping they'll stay.

AmazeWands by Danny Orleans and AmazeKids