Clap and Cheer

Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes
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Clap and Cheer

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Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes (22.80)

“Clap and Cheer!” It’s the cry of the busker—the street performer—who captivates a crowd, delights them with his antics, and then passes his hat to earn a daily wage. What’s that got to do with kid shows?

Actually, everything!

“Clap and Cheer!” It’s the cry of the busker—the street performer—who captivates a crowd, delights them with his antics, and then passes his hat to earn a daily wage. What’s that got to do with kid shows? Actually, everything!

Pro-magician Tom Hughes digs deep into the techniques of the street performer, revealing how you can learn from their successful strategies to get and keep kids’ attention; engage them in hilarious, seemingly impromptu escapades; and get the sponsors to rebook you. He shows you how to take the street busker’s approach to crowd psychology and position it right in the middle of the living room, library or wherever you do kids shows.

At 110 pages, there’s a lot to learn from Tom Hughes. Straight from his “Clap and Cheer” lecture at the KIDabra convention, we’ve reorganized his lecture notes into a three-section e-book. Street performers have mastered all of them.

  • The Crowd Build—Watch a successful street performer and you’ll see “the show before the show.” This section is about the interactions—the tricks, sight gags and silliness that you do with kids while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive. You’ll learn 3 great bits with props that you already own and different approaches to establishing rules—a busking technique to make sure everyone enjoys the show.
  • Make them Stay—The busker’s worst fear? Walk-offs! Folks that leave in the middle of a show. Kidshow entertainers can have the same problem at certain venues. Bottom line: If you can’t engage the children, they won’t stay. How do you do it? Tom reworks some lessons from street magicians, applies them to kids and shares 12 full-blown routines that are guaranteed to captivate kids. Plus he discusses why famed British street performer Gazzo’s use of Double Trouble is a great strategy to use when designing a kids magic routine.
  • Make Them Pay—When talking kid shows, this busker term translates into “Make Them Rebook You." And Tom Hughes takes his cue from the way street performers perform their grand finale. It’s all about making them like you as you take your magic to a whole other level. This discussion and the 3 routines he teaches are worth many times the price of this e-book and will get you thinking about making changes in your own kid show.

Download the table of contents and a few free pages of Clap and Cheer. Decide if it’s for you. We know, that most of you, after reading the entire e-book will stand up, clap and cheer for Tom Hughes, just as your audiences will clap and cheer for you!


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Raul (Jay)

This is an excellent read! I used to be a clown performing at children’s parties under a company I used to work at, and now that I have gotten back into magic, I feel comfortable know ing that what I used to do is similar to what Clap and Cheer is all about. I love the part about getting the audience engaged. That is something that was a given at a party when I was a clown.

But when it comes to working with strangers passing by, I feel uncomfortable! I love that there are ways to get passerby to notice you. I love how a busker can make a living. I don’t know that I would do it full time, but there isn’t an effort to being a magician that is NOT just about performing magic. You also have to have some kind of sense who your audience is.

To me, the best magic is for children if you wanna make side hustle out of it. I have no idea how an adult magic show would go, but I love working with children, so I feel that I will being ursine one os his techniques one day. I’m still afraid to get out there because I’m not sure where to go. I just have to go out there and get in front of people.

The author really takes us into the world of children’s busking which I’m sure can be also translated to adults. I know. I know. I don’t’ have to follow this book word for word. I have to tailor it to my needs, and him going through the details of children’s busking is giving my ideas to make my own version of busking. This is a great ebook, and I’m happy that the author shares his insight to making money as a busker. I’ve seen buskers in the past, and now I get all the knowledge and wisdom from the guy! This is rad!


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